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09-07-2003, 05:41 PM
peter, i purchased your accelerator exgcxl from triad outdoor equipment in jamestown nc a few weeks ago. i have a question concerning what blade setup i should run for leaf cleanup. i have an exmark metro hp 36 inch. any suggestions appreciated.

09-07-2003, 07:40 PM
Thanks for buying our grass catcher. I hope it is helping you in your work. For leaf cleanup, I have a few suggestions. The best option for you may be different, so I would encourage experimenting around a bit.
When you are doing leaf cleanup, the goal is to get the leaves to pack as tight as possible into the catcher with a minimum of work on your part. Blade selection is obviously very important in attaining this. If conditions are dry, you can use a set of gator blades or equivalent on both spindles and still get enough discharge power to fill the bag. If conditions are wetter, or the grass is lush with a high water content, you need to use a standard blade or a high lift next to the catcher. The blade on the opposite side can be a gator or a mulching blade. Since the best combo would be gators on both sides, I would start with this combo and see if the bag fills all the way. If it does not, then put a standard or high lift next to the catcher. If this still does not give enough power to fill the bag, use high lifts on both sides. You will find that there is a trade off between velocity of discharge and the amount of shredding that goes on inside the deck. Blades that cut the grass and leaves multiple times will not discharge with quite as much force. If the bag still fills, however, this is your best bet.
Another thing a lot of guys do is to go over the lawn once without the catcher on, blowing the leaves and grass into the center of the lawn or into rows. The catcher is then put on and the debris is vacuumed up. This reduces the amount of debris you have to pick up because the smaller fragments fall into the lawn, and the debris going into the catcher is shredded an additional time. This lets you get more actual debris into the catcher. This obviously works best with a high speed wide area mower such as a 60 inch Lazer rider, but you will still save time and trips to the dump even with a 36” when the leaves are really thick. If there is just a light layer, I wouldn't bother with this. If anyone else has suggestions, I always appreciate hearing them.


09-07-2003, 08:14 PM
Peter has some great suggestions. ONe thing I do when leaves are thick is go over them with the discharge blocked instead of blowing them to the middle (I just let the catcher fill and keep going-the full catcher blocks the discharge). Then I go over the lawn again with the catcher on making my final stripe pattern. This greatly reduces the volume of leaves.

ON my 36" Lecso I use a double blade set up most of the time.
High lift on the right side, standard on the left, and gators over both. like peter said using a higher lift blade on the discharge give the material that extra push into the catcher or out across the lawn, I think it also helps reduce blowout one the left side.

09-07-2003, 08:33 PM
peter and paul, thanks for the prompt responces.i will try the double gator setup this weekend as i already have a set of highlift gators. thanks guys