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10-07-2003, 12:08 AM
Anyone know a good place to find a used Mitsubishi Fuso FG. Does anyone that has used one have any input about them? Pro's , Con's?

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10-07-2003, 10:06 PM
I looked at a '95 FE SP, I think. It had a blown engine...I could have got it for $900.00...but couldn't find an engine anywhere. They are not nearly as common as Isuzus or Nissans....for some reason??

I'll wait and find a nice Isuzu NPR....someday.

10-08-2003, 12:18 AM
Have a UD. Similar, but not the same. Great trucks, till you have a problem and have to buy parts for them. :cool:

10-08-2003, 09:05 PM
Does any company besides Mitsu make a 4wd (cabover) model?

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10-12-2003, 09:04 PM
Check out Rowe Ford, they have a couple from time to time. Also Oconner GMC, two locations, Portland (on Warren Ave) and Augusta.

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11-17-2003, 06:17 AM
Anybody Plow with the Isuzus ?. Nobody has The Fg 4x4?

Planet Landscaping
11-18-2003, 11:33 PM
Fg4x4 has the makings of a great landscape truck. But seems nobodys using them, Why?:help:

11-18-2003, 11:42 PM
Best off looking for any American truck than a rice burner. Myslef, I prefer Mack, can't kill them.

11-20-2003, 08:31 PM
I have looked into these trucks alot......couple of things about them. Yes they are the only cab over 4x4 on the market. they have 2 gvw ratings one at 12000 and one at 14500. the payloads on them are OK. 6000 and 8000 but the real clinker abou them is they have a top speed of 72 mph. Yes so stay off the highways wit these rigs. Its almost impossible to find them in an automatic too. So whats so great about these trucks then? 4 cly turbo deisel, great on gas about 15 - 17 with a trailer behind it. plus it can plow anything and you have excellent visibility when plowing. finally they have a really tall cab and you can build the beds right up to the tops of the cab.....i have seen one take 10 yards of mulch in a 10 ft body with no problem. finally its a cab over so you get that great turning radius plus the 4x4 capabilty. im selling my rig right now so that i can get one of these off lease 4x4's. Mitfuso.com has more info for ya

have a great day

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03-24-2004, 03:16 PM
I have a '90 FG With 143,000 miles. I bought it used about 4 years ago. It was the only one I could find used more than a year or two old, and I could not spend for one too new. I searched the country and ended up driving all the way to Massachusetts from Pennsylvania to get it. I had to have one period. I love it but it has its downfalls. They are slow, the older ones like mine top out at 60MPH. The GVW is too low to haul much legally. With 4x4, the frame has a drop 2 feet behind the cab to allow room for the transfer case. Most bed companies put a tool box there or build the bed very high to go over it. I custom built a dump bed to fit the frame. I have the same wheelbase as a standard cab 8' bed pickup, but my bed is 13' long. I built it to fit the truck with the exact axle spacing the hoist maker recommended and I wanted to be able to access the hitch. I tow a 10,000 GVW trailer with a 6000 lb mini-excavator on it. On some backroad hills I am down to 3rd gear and 25 MPH. As for other makers, YES but not in this country. I believe Toyota as well as another company offer one. You would not believe what great things other countries have that the US doesn't import. The list is huge. It has been a good truck even though the previous owners abused it. It has never broken down but I have done some repairs. It is basically a Japanese 1 ton truck, and as usual head and shoulders above american 1 ton in all but power and price of replacement parts, but you will use far fewer parts. Standard in my Japanese 1 ton, exhaust brake, hand throttle, warm up switch, cab over, diesel, etc. What american 1 ton offers these as standard.

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04-01-2004, 05:24 PM
Getting mine on tues. 04 new short wheelbase custom in frame hyd dump. Oh yaaaaaaaaaaa:cool2: :cool2: :cool2: :cool2: :cool2:

04-01-2004, 08:08 PM
Try Auto Sales in Cleveland Ohio had a mitsu with an aluminum dump. I don't know if they have a website. The also had several ford dumps
The phone # is 216-267-2646 ask for Steve