View Full Version : Chevy mason dump vs Ford mason dump

10-28-2003, 09:02 PM
Just wanted to see if anyone had an answer to this question. Not trying to start a ford vs. chevy debate either.
Looking around for a new mason dump (currently run a '95 chevy 3500 mason dump)
The Chevy 3500 dump is around $8000 to $10,000 cheaper than the ford F350 dump. Why? Mostly everyone around here is running the ford's as well....Am i missing something or does everyone pay an extra $10k for looks?

10-29-2003, 12:18 AM
In the 4x4 I think alot of guys like the solid front axel .Right now you can get a new f350 xlt 4x4 aluminum wheels stanless steel dump with a 6.0l diesel /auto.

Gravel Rat
10-30-2003, 03:14 PM
Most people buy a cab and chassis and install the body themselves and not let the dealer do it they probably tack on extra charges.

For nowwadays standards you may even consider running a F-450 you can carry more weight safely that you can with a 1 ton. You start putting 2-3 yards of gravel onto a 1 ton truck you are pretty much overloaded you can't make any money hauling 1-1.5 yards of material.

You know what people are like they ask can you haul 2 yards of sand of course you have to say yes because they seen you carrying 2 yards of topsoil which is light.

I was considering going back to a F-350 so I could have a 4x4 I can't afford a brandnew F-450 4x4 but I thought about it long and hard. I decided no I can't go through the being overloaded truck ordeal when I had 1 tons before. Once a person has gone to a F-Superduty (old version F-450) its pretty hard to go back to a lighter truck. It nice not worring about being overloaded when leaving the gravel pit with a load of sand or gravel.

Back to your question I don't know why there would be that much difference in price I don't think there is that much difference in Ford and Chev cab and chassis.

If the box is good on your truck you might be better off transfering it to a new truck.

10-30-2003, 08:42 PM
I used to be a service writer at a very large chevy dealership. Chevys are cheaply made inside and out. I would never ever own one. I almost got fired when I worked there for buying a new Mustang GT instead of a Camaro. I told the owner if I ever wanted a poorly engineered vehicle that burned lots of oil and the paint peeled off of, I would give him a call.