View Full Version : Late seeding ?

10-29-2003, 02:38 PM
What is the latest you ever seeded a property? I have to demo a 10x10 shed and then plant grass. I just got the call and scheduled it for next Thursday.


Blades of Steel
10-29-2003, 02:59 PM
my bag of seed says not to seed when temp is consistantly below 40. I have never attempted to do it this late.

Richard Martin
10-29-2003, 03:43 PM
Jimbo, as long as the seed is in the soil and not on top of it you should be okay. Mix in some annual rye and they will have green in about a week. Oh, and the seed must be watered daily for about 2 weeks.

10-29-2003, 04:56 PM
do it quick...temps for the next week are supposed to be in the high 60s...still don't think you'll get optimal germination unless you go all rye although what doesn't germinate this year should come up springtime...

10-29-2003, 05:09 PM
my rule is never after october 15

10-29-2003, 06:17 PM
richard martin got it right. as a rule, never after oct. 15th, however, i have, upon request seeded as late as 2 weeks before thanksgiving, with fresh soil, and had nice grass by thanksgiving day, and it is still there

10-29-2003, 08:19 PM
Jimbo... Why not use sod? 100 square feet will only cost you around $20.

10-29-2003, 09:02 PM
Jimbo,you can sow seed about anytime,but for it to germinate,
temperature and moisture need to be right. If you do happen
to sow late most will still come up in the spring. Annual rye
is a quick effective fix.

10-30-2003, 02:44 PM
Thanks for the replies!! Very good information from all.

I will go with a heavy rye mix because this is a daycare center and the kids will have a mud hole if the grass doesnt peek through quickly. Whats the best top dressing for quick germination? How about fresh grass clippings?? J.K.
I do use clippings for small spots and they work great.

To be honest I have never messed with sod, and I am a little intimidated. How do you dig out the area for sod so that the old and new grass is the same height?


Richard Martin
10-30-2003, 05:03 PM
For a top dressing I use a material called "Compro". Basically it's a compost and soil mix. Anyplace that sells bulk mulch will usually have it.

10-31-2003, 12:21 PM
Sounds like good stuff Richard. I will keep that in mind.


11-07-2003, 12:48 PM
Well I did the Job and grass is already starting to sprout. The weather was in the 70's a few days after and then we had some nice rains. The grass was half Rye, and half Tall fescure.

Cool season grasses really love this time of year. I did a few spot seedings and they are growing like crazy as well.


11-07-2003, 01:22 PM
I usually don't seed after the beginning of October.

11-08-2003, 02:36 AM
THe only time you want to seed late is when you know you are NOT going to get consistent temps of 55 or higher. Like right now. When putting the grass in around here, you want to do it before mid September, because the grass needs time to harden off before the freezing hits it. Otherwise, if it germinates, and the frost hits it, it's dead. Now, if you wait long enough, that you know it won't even germinate, then you're safe. This is called dormant seeding. The benefit of this is two things. First, the seed is there waiting for the first consistent days of 50 degrees soil temp for it to germinate. Second, you are not dealing with the muddy conditions that are so common with this type scenario. Coincidentally, I am doing a patch job tomorrow where a Spruce tree was removed. I am digging the slag from the stump grinder out, filling it with topsoil, and putting in the seed. In the Spring, I will hit it with starter fert..These people wanted this done a couple of weeks ago, and I told them it was too late. We could either then put it in when the temps drop and stay consistently, or wait until Spring. I wasn't going to waste my seed by doing it a few weeks ago. Now, if it was September, it would be a different story.