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11-01-2003, 11:30 PM
4 weeks ago I was doing a landscape maintenance job when a guy pulled up with a load of trees. He was driving a 2 ton truck with his name and number on the door. You know, nice outfit.
He ask me about buying some of his trees. I looked at the merchandise, made a phone call and ended up purchasing 10 trees in which he would deliver to the site that the trees were to be planted. We set up a date and time to meet at the resident. The first date fell through on his behalf. Had trouble with help or something. So, we done it another day. That day came and he delivered the trees as agreed except for 3 trees that I inquired about that were not on his truck the 1 day. He said it was to wet to get them and that he would bring those tree next week. I said OK. I paid for all the trees including the 3 trees that I have yet to receive.

Now he is giving me the run around. I need the three trees or my cash back for the three trees. He wont answer the phone or return my calls.

What should I do?
1. Go old school, find his resident and do some pruning (I'm not talking about the 1/3 rule.) to some trees on the truck.
2. Old school # 2...Roundup....
3. Old school #3...Confront him demanding my money or may the best man win....fistacuff type approach.
4. Spread the word about his operation and forget the money.
5. Go legal...over $270.00

I honestly believe he has no intention delivering the trees or my money.

I know this is very bobbygedd like, so bobby what would you do?

Keep in mind that the $270.00 is not going to "break me" or "make me". I just don't like to be intentionally Who doed.

11-01-2003, 11:32 PM
Tires are expensive.

11-01-2003, 11:32 PM
Live and learn. COD

Dont be a prick. Remember, its always the one who retaliates who gets caught.

11-01-2003, 11:34 PM
Sometimes the little mistakes make a lasting impression.

Ed Ryder
11-02-2003, 12:16 AM
First - send him a written ultimatum. His last chance before the sh** hits the fan.

It should go something like this:

Dear ______,

On (date) you agreed to sell me ______for $_____. I paid you in full on (date) for 10 trees, but you only delivered 7. You gave an explanation for the missing 3 trees and said you would deliver them the following week, which I said was fine. Now, four weeks have passed. You are not returning my calls. I am dismayed that you have treated me like this and I have gotten the impression you intend not to deliver the remaining trees or provide a refund. I trusted you ______(name) and now I'm upset.

I demand a refund of $270 by (date) (within like 3 days). This represents the dollar amount of the undelivered trees which I have paid you for.

I want it to be clear to you, (name), that this is your last and final chance to resolve this matter amicably.

After (date) if I do not have your check for $270 in my hands, I will report you to the police for theft and file a criminal complaint against you. Next you will need to answer this charge before me and a judge in a court of law. You will be forced to pay me my money, plus court costs and maybe lawyers' fees too.

And then, because of the malicious nature of your dealings with me, I intend to seek additional redress and punitive damages in civil court.

So, (name), you need to make a quick decision. Will you refund my money, and our problem will end, or do you prefer to allow some unnecessary anguish to come into your life? Because I will bring it to you if I do not get my money.


11-02-2003, 12:16 AM
all 5 sound good to me.yah know 5 or 6 yards of crushed trap rock in the front of his driveway can work wonders yah know

11-02-2003, 12:30 AM
#3 Tell him you don't give a rats azz who get the money you or the hospital he's gonna end up in.

If he don't pay put a shovel upside his head and then report him to the cops for threating you and theft of service
Just make sure you have a friend hear the threat!

11-02-2003, 12:38 AM
Originally posted by MacLawnCo
Live and learn. COD

Dont be a prick. Remember, its always the one who retaliates who gets caught.

Truer word were never spoken. If you get caught, then you look like the worst offender. Not the guy wo didn't deliver the trees. If you're prepared to "eat" the $270, then take 'em to small claims court and let the judge decide. Good luck.

11-02-2003, 12:50 AM
I would take a 55 gallon drum of azz whoop and pour it all over him. By the way just how big a old boy is he? Because by god it ain't nothin for me to whoop a man's azz.

11-02-2003, 01:02 AM

The most professional advise. I'd do what he said.
Twenty - thirty years ago olderthandirt, rock and mike9497
and I thought a alot a like. Those days are long gone now though that is if you value your freedom.

11-02-2003, 01:10 AM
Originally posted by leadarrows

The most professional advise. I'd do what he said.
Twenty - thirty years ago olderthandirt, rock and mike9497
and I thought a alot a like. Those days are long gone now though that is if you value your freedom.

30 yrs. ago I would have already been doing it, now all I can do is sit at a key board and dream! But remember what I said about that friend that heard the threats? Thats for the Freedom. OLDERANDWISER Mac

11-02-2003, 01:19 AM
I know this is weird but there is one thing I like about getting that mad.............I don't feel my old bones ache for awhile. I mean when I'M that mad all my aches and pains just vanish. LOL

Turf Medic
11-02-2003, 01:27 AM
I know people are venting, nobody likes to get screwed. However some of the members are repeatedly saying that our customers can be reading the posts and finding out how we price. Do you ever consider what some of the comments like open up some whoop ---, chemicals on the trees, rock on the driveway, bad mouthing, etc. get read by the general public also. It isn't going to keep them from ripping you off if they are so inclined, but it does make the lawncare industry look like a bunch of thugs. Do you think that other business people react to this type of thing in the same manner. Might be part of the reason the some of the people we run into don't think of lawn maintenance as a REAL business.

Let me get this right, some guy that you don't know drives up and offers to sell you trees, you pay him for trees that he doesn't deliver? At this point I'd be more pissed off at myself than the guy with the trees. IMO quite possibly the right thing to do is kick your own ---, dump the roundup on your own yard, dump a load of rock in the driveway and flatten your tires. :D

We make it a practice to not prepay for anything unless we have a working relationship with the company we are buying from.

11-02-2003, 01:38 AM
I'd play it safe and send the letter. You might kick his azz and then again things could escalate and go bad. Over $270.00???:blob3: If they went real bad then it might be your azz you'd need to be watching out for......you know.....in the shower.:cry:

Just do the smartest thing you can think of or chalk it up to a valuable lesson.....he'll get his in the end, they always do.

11-02-2003, 01:48 AM
Originally posted by leadarrows
I know this is weird but there is one thing I like about getting that mad.............I don't feel my old bones ache for awhile. I mean when I'M that mad all my aches and pains just vanish. LOL

Maybe we should start a new thread, How old do you have to be not to get into some whoopazz? My aches and pains vanish too but the next day or I should say week I hurt 10 time worst than I did when I was 20 LOL


11-02-2003, 02:33 AM
get everything in writing, it's the only way to help yourself. revenge isn't always the answer.

Rustic Goat
11-02-2003, 03:42 AM
#4, and get over it.
How much energy you want to put into this effort is your choice, could call the BBB if you think it'd make you feel better.
You knew better didn't you? Some guy you didn't know, paying him up front?

11-02-2003, 09:42 AM
Just after starting this thread last night I tried to call Mr. Raw Deal from my cell phone...No answer...I then called from my business phone for the first time and he answered right away. I said Hey Raw this is Sherrill...He immediately hung up the phone. I called right back and a girl answered. I ask for Raw and she said he was in the shower. I then proceeded to tell her that that was impossible because I just talk to him. Finally he came to the phone, ask him about the trees and he said. You didn't get your trees Friday? me-Nope..him-let me make a phone call and I'll call you right back. I'm still waiting for the call..................

I think he is on meth or something.

To be honest...I am no way a violent person. I would not fight for any reason other than to protect myself or my family.

I also run a top shelf business ( other than the bone head things I do from time to time) and criminal retaliation would only bring me down to his level.

You can believe that a lesson was learned. I wrote this in my book of " Things not to do".

Turf Medic...I have already kick my own @zz and I do blame myself for the loss. I guess when a person in this business is out beating the bushes trying to make a decent wage, I will try to help them all I can. I never expected to get shafted by what seemed to be a very legit business person trying to peddle some trees.

I will see this guy around again. Think I will smile and say how's business Mr. Raw. Might even shake his hand.

Whether it be $2.70-$270.00 or $2700.00 I can survive it. He on the other hand paid $270.00 for a bad reputation. I believe before he is completely broke, they will be many more just like me.

Con-artist....T-N-T Trees (Tim Turner) North Central Alabama and sells alot of merchandise in the Atlanta Area. so he said.....

Thanks for the comments and Ideas.
You are all right on....Just thought I let you pile on while I was down.....keep up the good work....

Live and learn. COD

11-02-2003, 09:57 AM
Keep after him.

11-02-2003, 09:58 AM
well, so n so, im assuming he is from alabama also, since im assuming this is true, is it possible he is related to you? (im sorry, i just had to say it). well, drastic times call for drastic measures. this man is obviously a thief. my way of handling it would depend greatly on what HIS lifestyle is like. what is he doing wrong? d.ep? irs? state? violence isnt always the answer(but, it is the most rewarding). ill tell u what i did this one time, when this piece of cr*p smoked me out of $40. yup, thats right, $40.this guy said he owned a flower shop, and would deliver roses to this chic for me, for $40. well, no flowers were delivered, he didnt actually own a flower shop(yes, i still got the chic). ive come to realize that human beings are creatures of habit. they frequent the same gas station, supermarket, tavern, etc day after day. this one guy liked to drink at a particular bar. i sat down the street, waited for him to come out and get in his car, then pulled my 1982 junk mobil right in front of him and he bumped me. called the police, and my man is in handcuffs with a nifty dwi (second offense). thats just one of the many things ive done to "get satisfaction". im not gonna get into it about violence, though it does work, and is very emotionally rewarding. of course the last time someone boned me, and i had to use violence, i did feel bad and apologized a few days later, " come on grandma, i said im sorry, nothing personal u know, business is business."

11-02-2003, 10:13 AM
I was patently waiting on your comment bobbygedd.

Nope...were no kin.... I dont think..........

Hey bobbygedd. Wanta make some fast cash. I need you to come to AL. for a couple of days.

Thanks for the comment.

11-02-2003, 10:45 AM
Hey thar cuzzin' Sherril[

If'n i seez him dowen this cheer way i'll sick bubba and ladon on him)

Ain't nan kin folk ah mine gonna get shafted by know tree pedoler:angry:

o buy tha whay/ if'n ya see my sister up thar tell her I'm ah sorry for what i didn't dew.;)

we'll take kare ah this feller the suthern whay........don't need no yankees to ah do it fer us?:blob2:

11-03-2003, 10:01 AM
This is a good ole tale of southern justice.

Yee Hawww.

11-03-2003, 11:56 AM
You're paying school fees now and learning the hard (expensive) way.
If it was me I would've taken Just-A-Lawn-guy's advice as a first effort to get my money out of this dude. With his permission I'll use that exact same letter in his post. And if you lose this case, then well, you'll have to do what MacLawnco is saying, live and learn. Next time pay the guy COD.

Good Luck

11-03-2003, 01:45 PM
I would do what JustALawn said. I would also let people know that he is no count, and not to deal with him. If you can hit him in the wallet that will hurt anyone and remeber the lesson you learned.

11-04-2003, 01:08 AM
What I've learned about this guy since last post.

Called a local nursery that he (tim turner) said he done business with. It just happened that the owner of the nursery and I went to school together. When I inquired about Mr. Turner, the first thing she ask me was..... does he owe you money?

He wrote her over $1000.00 in bad checks
Owes a local sod farm a bunch of money.

She gave me the Investigators name and # thats working on tracking his illegal activity.

and yes...he is drugin it all up.

I called his cell phone and left him a nice little friendly message.

If I were a violent person I could now pay him a visit, cause he's not going to call someone he's running from....THE LAW>>>>

I feel better already..........