View Full Version : my accelerator review

11-07-2003, 12:42 AM
got mine put on and tested it...immediately started to get peppered with tiny specs of leaves and grass clippings...no big deal, i expected it after reading other posts...i will be making my own dust covers very soon...i mounted it on a gravely prosteer 36..took less than 5 mins to mount...drilled one hole, fortunately in the correct spot, and popped it right on...dumps super easy and really packs the material in tight...my only regret would be that i did not spend the extra $$$ to get the larger one...if you are thinking of getting a bagger, spend as much as you can afford and get the bigger one and do not even think about getting a cloth, steel, etc...this thing is better than sliced bread imo...well maybe not that good but you get my point...