View Full Version : nice guys do finish last...sometimes

01-04-2004, 04:27 PM
After degree in Hort in '88, I started at SeaWorld, changing annual beds(over 11,000 per change/6 times a year), and if I would have stayed, probably would be runnin' the show. I started out on my own instead, cuttin'(and smokin') way too much grass. After dual-burn-out, I started to install my own design work, which is what I now do...only now, the work is high-end resi's, and is geared toward water features and native design...work is slow this year, and I am considering going back into maint. mgmt. or whatever will pay da bills-
I chose this as a career...knowing a million big ones is not describing my bank account, but rather, the # of fire ants currently camped under my potted sago out front. LMAO
Any FLA serious work opps. out there, call me...we'll do lunch