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01-13-2004, 12:50 AM
just writing. i'm 6'2" and 240lbs with a history of back problems. i was just wondering what kind of sulky would be best for me? thanks for your help, just hope this thread doesn't get sent to the unread forum..

lawn wizards

01-13-2004, 12:54 AM
6'1" 185lbs. Do not use walkbehinds. Only Z's. We have one walkbehind left that we have not sold. Just not productive enough for the work we do.

01-13-2004, 12:56 AM
avery, why did you reply if you don't use walk behinds? just curious.

01-13-2004, 01:04 AM
I like my lesco set up about 300.00 a little expensive but worth it. It has 2 connections to the mower and pivits side to side and up and down and has two wheels same as the front of the mower

Turf Medic
01-13-2004, 01:05 AM
Originally posted by lawnwizards
avery, why did you reply if you don't use walk behinds? just curious.

Might be because the thread title doesn't ask about walk behinds it asks about height and weight:dizzy:

01-13-2004, 01:09 AM
turf medic,
but who replys soley on the name of the thread? i want to know how tall and the weight of everyone that uses sulkys. why are you giving me a hard time. its a simple question.

01-13-2004, 01:10 AM
fivestarlawnken, hows your back after a long day of cutting with that sulky?

Turf Medic
01-13-2004, 01:14 AM
Originally posted by lawnwizards
turf medic,
but who replys soley on the name of the thread? i want to know how tall and the weight of everyone that uses sulkys. why are you giving me a hard time. its a simple question.

Sorry, not trying to give you a hard time, thought maybe the other guy misunderstood the the purpose of your thread, every year someone is asking height and weight. Good Luck on your query

01-13-2004, 01:22 AM
turf medic,
i have a history of back problems, i was just wondering how tall and how much everyone weighed that used sulkys. which ones are best for the taller guys that doesn't put so much strain on your back. maybe i should've made myself a little clearer on what i'm getting at... my bad. sorry to snap at you..

lawn wizards.

01-13-2004, 01:31 AM
i am 6 2, 225...i use jungle jim sulky...haven't noticed that big of a problem from mowing...on bigger properties i will sometimes squat to my knees while i am moving, arch back etc...might even ride by the cooler and grab a quick sip of water stetch...i do know that the lower back bothers me when i have the weed whip longer than 20mins at one time...

Kelly's Landscaping
01-13-2004, 01:51 AM
What are you using for a mower at 240 pounds youíre really asking a lot from a walk behind to be dragging you around. Also something to consider a lot of walk behinds handle bars are slightly adjustable perhaps you could loosen the bolts and move them up a bit, so they donít bother your back that much. We once got an extra 3 inchs on a 48 snapper doing just that when i was at my old job. You really are a bit tall to be bending down over a walk behind although there is nothing you can do at this point to get shorter. I'm 170 pounds 5 foot 9 and i dont like the feeling of the velky i use.

01-13-2004, 01:52 AM
my knees take some abuse i find myself taking a break for a minute or two occ. to flex the ol legs. sometimes grab the weedeater half way etc. My back is usually alright and good to go.If your sitting your going to get beat also. You also want to have enough power and usually a hydro mower to pull ya also

01-13-2004, 02:06 AM
Originally posted by Turf Medic
Might be because the thread title doesn't ask about walk behinds it asks about height and weight:dizzy:

Bingo! Plus if I did have back problems I would not be considering a sulky! I would be looking into a rider.

What takes 30 minutes to do with a walkbehind will take 15 with a Z. You only get one back...take care of it.

01-13-2004, 02:07 AM
5'-3 1/2" at 125# wet

J Thomas sulky got me up to where my wrists were straight and didn't have to walk on my tip toes.

01-13-2004, 02:24 AM
I am 6'5 255 with my scag wb my back kills me with or without the velke. Behind my new exmark with the ECS I can stand almost upright (much easier on the back). Another backsaving device was a homemade tailgate assist.....now I can lift and lower the tailgate with 2 fingers! :D

01-13-2004, 02:32 AM
6'-1", 185#

JD HD45 w/Jungle Wheels

A large part of a strong back is strong abs.

Turf Medic
01-13-2004, 09:23 AM
Anyone use a back support or weight lifting belt?

01-13-2004, 09:28 AM
I'm 5' 7", 170#'s and dropping, due to the South Beach Diet. LOL. As far as sulkies go, I have used the Bullrider, the Exmark steerable and now have a Proslide. Out of the three, I would think the slide would fit a taller person better because it sits on the ground but the weight might be a problem, IMHO. Good luck.

01-13-2004, 09:37 AM
6'1", 205. All my WB's have one wheel velkies...no back problems with me and I am 49 btw.

Tommy D
01-13-2004, 10:51 AM
L W I have back probs too! if I were you I would stay away from the one wheel velky, my son and some of the other guys on my crews don't mind them but for me I like the Bullrider you can find it at this site www.trimmertrap.com I like the bull rider because I'm 6'4 240# my big feet fit well on it. You will also find it to be a very versatils piece of equipment for both the operator and the conditions of the turf. I hope this helps you

Tommy D
01-13-2004, 10:57 AM
I wish this site provided spell check! I'm sure you know that was a type O and I ment versatile piece of equipment.

01-13-2004, 11:06 AM
I would not reccomend a sulky to anyone with back problems. Simply because of the fact that if you are standing straight on it (knees not bent) your back is going to take 100%of the shock. I'm short and stocky at 5' 11" 225. I ahev no problems with any type of sulky. :cool:

01-13-2004, 11:12 AM
Paponte, why cant you use a sulky with your knees slightly bent?

01-13-2004, 11:19 AM
Originally posted by dobehap
Paponte, why cant you use a sulky with your knees slightly bent?

I am not saying you can't. You actually should. I see too many guys standing straight up on the thing, and only squat around turns. :cool:

Yard Perfect
01-13-2004, 12:02 PM
I am 6'5", about 270 and use the Jungle. No pain yet!!

01-13-2004, 12:19 PM
Thats what I do, I bend my knees...

I also will try to put bigger tires on my sulky and run a minimum psi pressure.

My back hurts bad today from adjusting(installing) the Flex-Deck.

Turf Medic
01-13-2004, 12:22 PM
Originally posted by Tommy D
I wish this site provided spell check! I'm sure you know that was a type O and I ment versatile piece of equipment.

That would be the button at the bottom of the reply screen that says Spell Check:D

That is if you use the regular reply and not the quick reply

Turf Medic
01-13-2004, 12:25 PM
For those guys that suffer back pain with a sulky, have any of you tried the pro slide?

01-13-2004, 12:37 PM
The back pain is not from the sulky, you have a backpain before stepping on the sulky.

Also, with a proslide, you ride on the ground...so your feet/legs absorb the shock then the back.

With a sulky, the tires absorb the shock, then the feet/legs, then the back.

I have not tried the proslide, but theoratically it will be worse on your acking back.

Turf Medic
01-13-2004, 01:48 PM
I haven't tried either one but looking at them, IMO one would expect the slide to have less jarring due to the fact that it is spread over a wider area and might not notice all of the little dips and bumps that your tires might hit. That coupled with the fact that it would ride lower and the taller guys wouldn't have to stoop over to get to the controls.

01-13-2004, 05:40 PM
I have a bad back and use a slide im 6'2" 190 I only feel bumps when sliding off of curbs , getting off and on the dixie is worse on my back than the wb.

01-13-2004, 05:50 PM
6'5" & 285. I have a 36" Exmark Metro HP and a 2 wheel sulky (Wright, I think). This combo hauls me around and up and down hills just fine. It doesn't bother my back. The 36" Great Dane KILLED MY BACK until I got used to it. Definitely agree with early post that 20 minutes of straight trimming is what bothers me the most.


01-13-2004, 08:11 PM
I have 2 Toro w/b's and both have Turf Trac 2 swivel wheel sulkies. They must be made by Toro because they are the same color and they came with the units, for a little extra of course. I'm 49 years old, 6'1" 220, no back problems so far.

Expert Lawns
01-13-2004, 08:15 PM
5ft 11in 170lbs pasty white thighs

01-13-2004, 08:27 PM
You big people need to get off those sulkys, especially those single wheel ones. You all need to listen to Avery, sit your a$$ down! Either that or lose some weight.

01-13-2004, 08:36 PM
6ft 2in about 215 lbs. I use a Wright one wheel Velke with my Scag WB. No back problems yet, knock on wood. But I also have the advantage of being given some exercises by Mom many years ago, who's a (now retired) Physical Therapist.

Kevin M.
01-13-2004, 09:14 PM
Exmark walk behinds -- and two 72" Exmark Lazers which are the best mower out there !! -- We have the 48" and the 60" walk behind models and we dont have a single sulky !! I am 5'8" 205 -- Last March used to weigh 243 gotta loose another 15 pounds ! lol

01-13-2004, 09:59 PM
5\10 200lbs

01-13-2004, 10:13 PM
Friend of mine is probably close to your size, I know heís right at your height, weight Iíd say probably somewhat similar. He uses a Wright Velke X2 (the two wheeled one) and it works fine for him no problems or complaints that I know of.

A Proslide will sit the lowest, itís about 3/8Ē higher than the grass! I have one and itís great but Iím about 5í 11Ē or 6í and 165-170#. Donít know how it would handle 240#. It does take a tiny bit more to pull it than a wheeled one (Iíve had both) but not as much as you probably are imagining. The real problem with it will be when you go to make turns if you have a 52Ē or smaller mower and try to do a true zero turn (reversing one wheel while going forward with the other) your tires will just spin unless you pop the handlebars up to put weight on the drive tires. I have to do this on hills and it gets old for me, I plan on putting fluid in the tires for more traction this season. Sure I could just get off and walk but Iím too lazy lol. the big problem is with the hills on my yard- I have close to 1 Ĺ acres of hills, somewhat steep, and I donít feel like walking at least half of that. I just make longer passes and turn around in small circle turns like a belt drive or I pop up the front end. Generally not a problem on more flat yards as long as grass is dry and you take turns slow, but for a guy your size I donít knowÖ castoring sulky would be fine for you like the Toro Tru-Trak or the Lesco sulky or a TrimmerTrap bullrider, but then youíre higher off the ground (same story with a trailing sulky like Velke X2 or Jungle Jimís Jungle Wheels).
Good luck.

01-13-2004, 10:14 PM
I have seen, and I can't remember where, an air ride sulky. If I find it I will let you know.


01-13-2004, 11:11 PM
6'2" 225# and I can't ride a sulky. If I don't sit I don't mow Thats why I hire younger guys/


01-14-2004, 01:39 AM
6'3" 235 big old pile of sh!at!

01-14-2004, 07:01 AM
5'11" 198

Ground Effects NH
01-14-2004, 07:40 AM
6' 4"/ 255#

I am still working on this sulky problem also.
I Do not have a bad back, but by the end of some day's running jungle Jim's 2 wheeled sulky on TThp 17/52" my back will be stiff and / or tight.

Have tried putting 1 foot on top of sulky toe area, then switch thru out the day (helps)

I would like to try a slide, but the more I read about the slide it's not going to work on my eXmark setup that I have now.

01-14-2004, 09:25 AM
Im 5ft 10 in and weight 180. I run a jungle Jim on both my mowers.

01-14-2004, 10:46 AM
I am six foot one inch tall and weigh two hundred and thirty pounds and losing weight daily. Docs orders. I also have back pain from time to time and the sulky doesnt help or hurt my back at all. It wears on my legs and feet more than anything.
I use a "pro one" sulky and it does fine. Haven't experienced any other brand.

Kelly & Sons
01-14-2004, 11:31 AM
6'3" -- 185

Wright Mfg
01-14-2004, 12:32 PM
6'4" 210 lbs.
Seems most agree that low handlebars don't help back problems. That's why the Velke mower has higher handlebars than typical walk behinds have and are adjustable. At 6' 4", I can stand straight up even when the handlebars are set in the center position. The pro 1 Velke has the adjustable wheel axle to get the platform as low as possible because of the low handlebars on most other mowers but when used on the Velke mower, you can comfortably use the higher platform setting for more ground clearance.

Pneumatic tires w/innertube, when at a lower psi, serves as an "air Ride" suspension system. (tubeless tires won't stay on at low psi)


01-14-2004, 01:09 PM
For you guys that trimming twenty minutes or longer hurts your back, the Shindaiwa t-270 has a longer shaft than most so I don't have to reach or bend very far.

01-14-2004, 02:18 PM
just curious .. why did u ask this question..if u think im rude,, thatll be fine. i think u were rude to avery.
6ft 2 195.. use ztrs

01-14-2004, 02:20 PM
6'5" , 190 lbs :cool2:

Tommy D
01-14-2004, 02:41 PM
Turf Medic thanks for the info, your right I have never used that screen. Paponte I think this is the first time I have ever read one of your post and disagreed with you and I do so respectivly. But I do have a bad back two fusions in my back and three in my neck I use the bull rider it has many adjustments and is very comfortable to ride in my case though I have to sit some time and stand other times. It's just my openion that the Bullrider sold through www.Trimmertrap.com is the best if not one of the best.

01-14-2004, 02:58 PM
5'6" 165lbs. I use a proslide.

01-14-2004, 06:05 PM
AWM, I asked it because i want to find a sulky that is best for someone with a bad back. the reason i asked for everyones height and weight is because i want to see who is close to my height and weight so i could choose a sulky based on that. it wouldn't do me any good to buy a sulky that someone who is 5'6" 135lbs says doesn't hurt their back. get where i'm going? as far as avery, i wasn't rude to him. i just didn't see why he responded with a reply from left field that didn't even pertain to my question. by the way, i'm still waiting for BOBBYGEDD to reply...
i like his responses.

01-14-2004, 06:37 PM
I only use Bob cats will velkies for small yard. One Z machine will out cut two 48s with velkies. You will make you more money ($10 x 40 plus taxes and workers comp insurance) , you will pay for the rider and not have to have sore back at the end of the day with the sulky.

01-16-2004, 11:23 AM
I'm 6'2 and I have kind of a bad back. I use the Pro Slide. It gets me lower to the ground. Consequently I don't have to reach as far down to grab the handles.

I see a lot of guys with the Velkys bending over. It looks really really really really really really bad for the back.

Wright Mfg
01-16-2004, 01:20 PM
You can also say that having no wheels is really really really bad for the mower as well and has other issues associated with not having wheels. Imagine a belly mount Z with skid plates in front instead of caster wheels. Yikes!

The ultimate solution is to use a sulky with at least one wheel and raise the handlebars (if they can be raised), or buy a mower that has high handlebars (Velke mower).


Rich's Lawn Care
01-16-2004, 01:27 PM
I'm 5'11 215

01-16-2004, 06:36 PM
i'm 6'7" i use jungle wheels and they seem to work good for me. i also suffer from bacl pain but usually its from trimming for a long period of time...