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Green Gopher
01-20-2004, 03:16 PM
Are any of you getting as tired of other businesses poor work effecting yours, as I am.

I ordered a new enclosed trailer in November with a delivery date of Friday the 16th. I called on the 16th and some kid with no idea where my trailer was tells me he will check into it. now four days later and after leaving three angry phone messages I get a call from the sales companies owner and my trailer is still sitting ten hours away with an unknown delivery date! I had to cancel the lettering and custom rack work that was scheduled for this week and am at least a week behind schedule for this trailer now. I want to start charging a daily fee for every day late. If I ran my business like this I wouldn't have survived.
This isn't the first snag, insurance company is always so late that if I need to change a policy I plan at lease six months in advance.

Have any of you had similar problems.

Kelly & Sons
01-20-2004, 03:33 PM
Welcome to the world! ;)

j/k I normally only give a company one chance, maybe two... if they don't perform up to par, or they are difficult to deal with, I find someone else.

01-20-2004, 04:28 PM
~~I call it "Genetic Drift" due to video games and computers taking over the lives of our young Americans.~~

01-20-2004, 04:40 PM
Gtotoy! I agree a 100%. Tony

01-20-2004, 05:03 PM
No offense, Green Gopher, but I've come to expect that sort of crap from most vendors now. I would have called at least twice, well prior to the expected delivery date to make sure they were on the ball. I've learned the hard way, trust me!


01-20-2004, 05:23 PM
It's the same way down here. Good luck.

Turfcutters Plus
01-20-2004, 05:32 PM
I'm a highly efficient solo operator.I have a great part time helper i had sign up with temp service this year.I use him as needed.Especially in spring.No more workmans comp,payroll,IDES,and other bull.Would'nt trade my FREEDOM and peice of mind for ANYTHING!!!!!

01-20-2004, 05:46 PM
Have you paid out any money for the trailer? If not.. I would cancel the order. If they failed to deliver on the promised date then they have not lived up to their end of the deal. I wouldn't do business with anyone who doesn't have properly trained employees. It's a good indicator of the condition of his business.

01-20-2004, 05:48 PM
Ain't life grand!

01-20-2004, 07:12 PM
Originally posted by DennisF
Have you paid out any money for the trailer? If not.. I would cancel the order. If they failed to deliver on the promised date then they have not lived up to their end of the deal. I wouldn't do business with anyone who doesn't have properly trained employees. It's a good indicator of the condition of his business.

But that doesn't do him any good if he needs it now. He may have planned on jobs (not to mention the racks and lettering) before another one would come in.


01-21-2004, 05:57 AM
Originally posted by battags
But that doesn't do him any good if he needs it now. He may have planned on jobs (not to mention the racks and lettering) before another one would come in.


He is no better off now than he was in November when he ordered the trailer. Most large (and professionally staffed) trailer dealers have every size enclosed trailer made... in stock. He could have drove (even if to another state) to a well stocked dealer and would have had the trailer 2 months ago. I would tell the dealer to have the trailer available in 24 hours or the deal is off.

01-21-2004, 06:47 AM
Originally posted by DennisF
Have you paid out any money for the trailer? If not.. I would cancel the order. If they failed to deliver on the promised date then they have not lived up to their end of the deal. I wouldn't do business with anyone who doesn't have properly trained employees. It's a good indicator of the condition of his business.

I agree a 100% if they done that to me I would go elsewhere! And let them know that if they had wanted my business they would be truthful. They could have at least made the call and told you what was going on!

David Haggerty
01-21-2004, 07:17 AM
I live in a small community. Sometimes there's no choice on suppliers. So I try to take care of the ones I have.
I gave a mechanic a $20 tip once. (He was the only Kubota diesel mechanic.) My equipment always got priority after that.

The day before Christmas I figured out my truck needed a head gasket. Called the mechanic (a different guy) and he said Jan 15 was soon as he could look at it. The truck was doing me no good with a blown head gasket, so I took it over to him right after Christmas. He had it done by Jan 5.

Did you ever see that show on the Discovery channel "American Chopper"? Those guys cuss everybody except their suppliers. Nothing but praise for their suppliers. Of course they probably get some free parts for them being on the show. But that's how you have to treat suppliers you're dependent on.

Appreciate their efforts. Praise good work. Don't just take it for granted. Give suppliers plenty of lead time. Follow up with phone calls etc. But not so much you're bugging them.
Treat them good, and they'll treat you good.

If you ordered in Nov and didn't check on it till the delivery date you don't have much room to complain. You think you're the only person who has problems?
It does sound like you insurance agent is falling down though. What if you have a claim? Do you have to deal with him or directly with the insurance company? Sounds like another big source of aggravation for you.


Green Gopher
01-21-2004, 12:25 PM
I have put 1000$ down on the trailer at the time of order, and your right I should have ensured they would stick to the delivery date before scheduling extra work.

As for taking my business else where, I would have to go through reordering because of some custom spects like the tie down placement/color.

I am learning the hard way what most you have already been through, but the part that chaps my a*% is you see this more and more. If people would just do their jobs things would roll so much smoother. The whole country seems to expect to be paid for nothing.

I wonder how long it would take someone to replace me if I showed up to mow his yard and only did half then expected to be paid in full.

Thanks for letting me rant.

Kelly's Landscaping
01-21-2004, 01:11 PM
ehehheeheh you think thatís pain last year when I did a custom trailer. Mines a 16 x 6 7000 gvw open but the features are sweet spring assist gate. A 54-inch gate instead of 48, drop axels, trailer brakes, spare tire, chrome rims that match the truck, weed wacker rack, blower and gas can box set high enough to clear the foot pedals of my ZTR and of course push blowers. And one feature I love is the brake lights unlike a lot of trailers with flimsy lights these are in a 2x4 steel stud about 3 feet up no way to knock them out. And of course the whole trailer is 2x2 inch square tubular steel.

That said I gave the order and they tell me they have a problem with the guy in their paint dept and cannot paint it. Well this is what I want so I said np ill take it when you finish welding it {the whole thing was made in house} and then ill paint it bring it back and you can install the floor. So I wait for them to finish it they run like 1 week behind no biggy then I come up on a sunny day with no clouds in the sky I had waited all week it was still winter well when I arrive in that town I notice unlike my town these roads have lot of water on them. So I figure ill deal with a little rust before I can paint heheheh you would not believe how rusty it got from a 20 min drive we were sanding and it was rerusting faster then we could get the rust off. Final we had some one with some auto body tools give us a hand and we got that under control and we primed it took 2 days to win that battle inside a green house on my step fathers farm. So we get her painted she looks great.

We drive back to the place to have the wood floor added and we notice something now they have their paint shop opened again and are painting trailers out back I wanted kill some one I went though all that hell only to be done if anything a week later then if they had said we have a problem now but we will fix it donít worry were find away to paint it.

01-22-2004, 12:16 AM
I have to agree, customer service in just about every aspect of life, from medicine to auto repair to fast food, really is poor these days. It's to the point where I avoid having to deal with these companies to avoid getting so aggravated at them. If I can I have my wife make phone calls for service, information, etc. Just about everyone I come in contact with is marginally competent at best. Doing a good job takes barely any more effort than doing it poorly, so I have ZERO patience for these people.

Why is it like this?

1. One reason for it is that we as consumers are putting up with it! Many of us choose a low price over good service, despite our claims to the contrary. I know that every time I get bad service somewhere, I either say something about it or find another place to do business if at all possible. Obviously others aren't doing this, because if they did the problem would get better. Also, old local stores replaced by Walmarts and Home Depots mean you're less likely to get personalized service where they depend on your good graces to survive. My last trip to a Lowe's the clerk got testy because I pointed out that he was charging me $25 for a sheet of plywood that was in the $14 pile. Like I'm just supposed to let it slide? That kind of bad attitude is a result of the boss not making it clear that that's an instant trip to the unemployment office.

Another factor is that in our highly mobile, anonymous society (thanks corporations for transfering us all around the country to live as strangers) one's reputation is no longer as important as it used to be. You can be rude or lazy and get away with it. Word doesn't get around like it did in the past when people all knew each other. In the past, if you gave bad service, everybody knew it. Today, you can slide. And people know that.

Another factor is the rapid growth in the economy. It's partly the Peter Principle (you eventually get promoted one level above your competence in an organization) where you have unqualified people doing jobs or in charge. Someone who was previously a clerk is now a supervisor because labor is tight. But they can't handle the job. The other part of this equation is the fact that businesses have the attitude that if you get ticked off, so what, there are always more people moving into town to be customers. Finally, the fast pace of today's business world means that things that are important get very little thought, because everyone is hurrying to get the money and actually doing the job is given lower priority.

Another factor is that so many jobs in our economy now are "fill in the blank" jobs that are easily replaced if lost. When I was young, I had to undergo a rigorous application for even fairly menial jobs. Now you can get a job just by showing up. If it's that easy to get a job (no reference required) they the employee doesn't care if he loses it and does a poor job.

Finally, much of it is just plain old lowered standards of behavior. I would be ashamed to do the type job I see almost every day out there. From the auto dealer who wastes my time bringing in my truck then tells me they don't have the parts (even though I told them what parts I needed 2 weeks before) , to the medical doctor who is too pompous to even take the time to answer my questions or mention that I need to fast before the medical tests he ordered (wasted a trip to the lab today on that). Things that I would have expected to get fired over 20 years ago are everyday occurances in today's economy. The attitude is just don't make waves. My wife had to spend 3 months writing up an employee who slept on the job, browsed for porn, and didn't do a single task he was asked to do. They FINALLY fired the guy only after he refused to admit he did anything wrong. That's just insane.

I fired my doctor. But I'm sure his attitude is "there will be others behind you". Too many of us just put up with poor service, choosing to complain or just deal with it rather than change it.

01-22-2004, 12:28 AM
And another example. We spend over $7000 a year in various insurance premiums. I have been with the same carrier for 24 years. I moved recently and was forced to use a new agent as per their rules. This agent, like most business owners, delegates the "grunt work" to an underling. This person is so incompetent that after 4 weeks of trying I still do not have some of the coverages, even though this is a simple "transfer" to a new state. The result? As soon as I get time I am canceling my business with them and going elsewhere. Should I give the agent a 2nd chance? No. Why? Because this person is so bad, so surly, and so disinterested in helping me that there is no way I would be the first person to complain. So I feel this agent needs to pay the price. My insurer pays millions a year in ads to bring in new business, only to lose it to incompetents at the agency level. It's all about sales in america, service is an afterthought. (oh yeah, my previous agent wasn't much better).

Final example: I'm renting an apartment for $1860/month short term till our house is ready. It has a two car garage. Stupid idiotic assistant manager says we can have only one garage door opener (we had to live here, it was the only place that would accept our three dogs). I point out that it's a two car garage, she gets testy and says "You'll have to pay $50 to get another". Now, she didn't know I didn't have other options. Why is this moron put in charge of a revenue stream of millions of dollars a month? I could have walked over that. On an $1860/month apartment she wants to dicker over $50? That's what I mean by Peter Principle. She's not qualified for her job. And the other agent who showed us the place was on her 2nd day, couldn't find the units, couldn't figure out the lease, and couldn't even back up the golf cart we rode in! And on top of that she spoke only broken English. She probably doesn't make a ton of money, but is that really such a bargain? Most people would have laughed and walked from these clowns. But we had to bite the bullet and deal with it. I say better to hire top notch people.
I can't get my utilities turned on correctly. I can't get a vehicle repaired right, I can't get phone calls or emails for sales information returned, it's getting ridiculous.

01-22-2004, 12:44 AM
And here I thought I was just a crancky old angry white male.
Sure is nice to hear I'm not alone.

01-22-2004, 01:17 AM
For $1860.00 a month rent I'd have Ms. incompetent opening the door for me when I arrived home!

You sure this was a good move for ya?

Green Gopher
01-22-2004, 12:21 PM

You hit the nail on the head. It's things like this that make me think I may never hire a helper and just stay solo forever. I can't afford to slow down and would be ashamed if someone representing me treated a customer poorly. Ever notice the fastest moving guy a construction site is the owner/foreman?

01-22-2004, 01:23 PM
ha! It's been a terrible move, but we had to move to a new city and my wife start a new job in a couple day's time. We move into our new house in 10 days. Can't wait.

Oh yeah, an update...... I went to go pick up my Dodge Ram that wasn't fixed at the dealer this morning. Called and they said they open at 7:30. So my wife drove me up there before work, which she needs to be at at 8:00am. We arrived at 7:25, ready to get in and out. Well, the cashier doesn't show up on time, I can't get my truck, the dealership is actually moving that day to another location, and nobody is even sure if it's been driven to the new location or not. So I get to wait around half an hour to pay a $20 tire rotation tab, for someone to handle the transaction, and as I'm leaving I see the cashier arriving but talking to some guy employees there, laughing and having a good time. Half an hour late and she didn't look worried about her job to me. Meanwhile, since my wife couldn't leave me there w/o being sure my truck was there and not at the other location, she was late to work. All because somebody can't show up on time, which of course is because they don't feel they HAVE to to keep their job. I would take my business elsewhere but I have zero confidence that it'd be a different story anywhere else.

This kind of thing is why I take it very personally if some yahoo customer tries to claim I'm not doing a good job for them.