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02-11-2004, 10:06 PM
Grreting to all on Lawnsite. I am a first time poster, long time reader. I have gained some great insight to the lawn care business through this sight, and now I am looking for some personal advice.

I'm a new start in the lawn business. I was looking for direction in regards to advertising. What works? What doesn't work? Where are the best places to advertise and when?

I look forward to receiving wonderful advice from all you experts.


02-11-2004, 11:48 PM
Welcome to the site! First of all realise that you have two markets to try and capture, residential and commercial. They are slightly different animals and I recommend starting you focus on residential accounts. I am located in Indiana and we usually start mowing around here at the tail end of March. A few weeks before then I would distribute some fliers and door hangers to different neighborhoods in your area. Be aware of no soliciting signs though!! Hopefully you will snag a few phone calls and be on your way. If you do a good job people will refer you to their friends and family. Enjoy the snowball effect that helps all of us grow. The last thing I want to say is this: Take baby steps and focus on high quality from day 1 and you will be in good shape. I hope some of this helps you.

02-11-2004, 11:50 PM
Hey WillyB, Congrats on starting a new business. I'm in the same boat as you. The last two years I have been slowing picking up customers. I got most of my customers a couple ways. They may not be the fastest ways, but with the position I was in, it worked for me. First I talked to friends, parents of my friends and co-workers. I was able to pick up quite a few that way. Next, I had a neighbor who owned a Landscaping company that installed landscaping, but did not do maintenance. I gave him some business cards and asked him to give them to people he installed yards and landscaping for, Thats where I picked up the most. After that, word of mouth has gone a long way. The one thing I've learned is if you do good work at a fair price, people will notice. Good luck and let me know how your doing and give me any ideas that work for you. Thanks.