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02-14-2004, 08:13 PM
What would you setup on a 12' trailer for mowers/trimmers/blower(s) and hand tools for as little money as possible. Brand and model please. This will be an all around setup for doing various sized property under an 1/4 acre to 3/4 acre with some gates so a 36" will be needed. 2 mowers and maybe a 21 trim, 2 trimmers....and?

I am tossed between Lesco and Toro belt drives the Lesco 36 is $2195 and the Toro fixed with T bar is $2400 I think the extra $200 would be worth the T bar upgrade.

02-14-2004, 08:46 PM
I would get a 36" belt and a 48" hydro walkbehind, if money was tight. I would also get two Stihl Fs110's. Out of the two 36" you listed I would go with the Toro. We have a 37" Toro belt drive floating deck with 2000hrs, we like the way the T-Bar handles.

Lovell's Lawn Care

02-14-2004, 08:47 PM
Go with the TORO!! I'm not sure what other question you are asking... are you asking what type of mower, trimmer, blower you would go with?

02-14-2004, 09:07 PM
This would be a setup for a second crew, I use Walker GHS on the main crew and love it but real steep hills and gated yards should be left for walkbehinds. Also these machines will be only used by employees, not me so plush and ease of operation is not the greatest concern. I like the T bar because it is easy to teach. And yes, what brands and models of trimmers and such. Just one blower is the norm, probably a PB-650 2 trimmers (?brand and model) and maybe a 48 and a 36 Toro fixed deck belt drive?

Cut 2 Please
02-14-2004, 09:34 PM
For those size properties I would consider just a 36" hydro WB. I feel sometimes to much time is wasted swapping mowers. I found that the amount of time it takes me to go back to the trailer get off my 48" WB and get on my 61" ZTR and start back cutting is to much wasted time to recoupe on the bigger faster mower. I can keep cutting with the WB and finish in the same amount of time.
The new Gravely 34" ZTR might be a good consideration for you. You will have the speed of a Z with the ability to get through small gates. All you will need then is a 21" mower for real tight areas.
As far as trimmers, edgers, and blowers the only advise I can give is:
1) What ever trimmer you buy get the "Edgit" for it. www.edgit.com
2) Buy one with pleanty of power. ie: Echo 260, Stihl FS85, etc
3) As far as Blowers go either Redmax 7001 or Echo PB 650

Remember there is no substitute for Horsepower except for more of it!

02-14-2004, 09:46 PM
Cut----- This would be a 2 guy crew, 2 guys mow then both trim. It seems 2 guy crews with a guy dedicated to mowing and other to trimming has the trim guy waiting on fairly large props. Bad enough with travel time I don't need one guy watching the other finish mowing.

Eric 1
02-14-2004, 09:59 PM
I think that i would get

1. 36'' w.b.
1. 48'' w.b. (both belt drive)
2. fs85
1 redmax 7001

only one blower because 2 on the same area will get the stuff mixed up in all the wind and while 1 is blowing the other is loading.

Cut 2 Please
02-14-2004, 10:07 PM
Sorry missed the part where it is a 2 man crew.
I would look at the Gravely Pro G 32" to go through gates and Pro H 52" for larger areas. I demoed a Pro H 48 a few months ago and love it. I would have bought it over the Exmark but the distributer really dropped the ball when getting me a demo unit. He never did bring the unit I wanted to try plus he never brought a mulch kit for the unit he did bring me. I went round and round with him for 3 weeks.
Regardless the Gravely is an excellent unit. The new Pro Steer is really easy to use.

02-14-2004, 10:25 PM
I see, you also seemed to miss the part of as cheap as possible, Hydro would not qualify as cheap. And the Rider isn't good on hills (missed that part too) But thanks for the input, those gravely mowers have always cought my eye.

Cut 2 Please
02-14-2004, 10:35 PM
The Gravely Pro G is a belt drive. Price tag around $2100 here for 32". The 36" is around $2500. They are also very easy to change the height of cut on the fix deck models.

02-14-2004, 11:16 PM
Cheap 2 person crew setup : 6x12 trailer with storage cage up front, weedeater rack, 2 blower racks, hand tool rack and water cooler rack.
Mowers: TORO gear drive 32/12.5 kawi WB
gear drive 52/17 kawi WB
commercial 21sp bbc 5.5 honda
2 Cycle Tools: 2 br420 mag bp blowers
2 fs85 grass trimmers
1 km 85 split shaft W/articulated hedge trimmer
pole prunner
1 fc 75 stick edger
1hs 80 hedge trimmer (24 inch bar)
Hand Tools: 2 30 inch leaf rakes
1 flat shovel
1 round shovel

This is how I would setup a 2 person crew for 10 to 11 K not including a half ton truck to tow all this stuff around (anouther 5 or 6 k )BTW everything would be new, no used stuff for me!

Mac V2.0
02-15-2004, 12:42 AM
Originally posted by Jusmowin
This is how I would setup a 2 person crew for 10 to 11 K not including a half ton truck to tow all this stuff around (anouther 5 or 6 k )BTW everything would be new, no used stuff for me!

I agree with above, but doesnt this bother anyone... someone with the correct accounts can go out and bill $90k/ year with a $15k investment. Doesnt add up imo.

02-15-2004, 03:03 AM
ksland, as far as the trimmers and blowers, I'd suggest going with whatever brand you currently use (assuming you're happy with them).
This way you are dealing with one dealer, and you can stock up on the same parts and swap parts from machine to machine if ever needed.

R&K Ent.
02-15-2004, 03:05 AM
Originally posted by Mac V2.0
I agree with above, but doesnt this bother anyone... someone with the correct accounts can go out and bill $90k/ year with a $15k investment. Doesnt add up imo.

What part of this should bother anyone?

You said it with the right accounts. The accounts are where it is any way and if you could bill $90k/yr off of $15k investment and ALOT of HARD WORK, It would bother me if it bothered somebody. How much did you start with? And did you miss the part where they said it was for a 2ND crew? Which tells me the the company IS getting the right accounts and IS working very hard.

So I say mow on man, mow on.

02-15-2004, 10:17 AM
I currently use echo, Love the blowers but their trimmers have gone to hell so I am thinking of switching over. My plan was to use all echo but it seems I will be using all echo except trimmers.;)

02-15-2004, 10:28 AM
Half ton pickup truck $1500
6x12 trailer $1500
2 exmark belt wb $6000
2 kawi trimmers $500
1 blower $300
1 21" $400
10k investment.....crew should take in 500-700 day....all u need is people to show up and about 75 more accounts a week

02-15-2004, 10:59 AM
Already have the 1/2 ton truck, I will use a 95 C1500 for this and also have a new 6.5x12 foot open trailer with full cage and gridiron racks all around. I actually setup 2 new 12 foot trailers identical, one will sport a 48" GHS Walker and a 36" wb and the other will be as we are talking about here. Out of curiousity why would you choose an exmark over the Tbar toro?

Mac V2.0
02-15-2004, 03:41 PM
Originally posted by ksland
Out of curiousity why would you choose an exmark over the Tbar toro?

Keep in mind that as long as we are talking fixed deck gear drives, these two machines are identical exceppt for the controls.. obviously

02-15-2004, 06:25 PM
I have always liked the exmark

03-14-2004, 10:12 AM
I ended up with just one 48" Hydro for now (price was great). Went with 2 322L Husky trimmers, 1 PB-650 blower, Accelerator bag and 21 inch Lawnboy. I will add a belt 36" at a later time once the crew is loaded up with lawns. Thanks for the advice.

03-14-2004, 12:34 PM
I dont know why most of you picked the 48???? Why not go with the 36" and then a 52"?? You can swap the blades between the 36 and 52 which makes it really easy when you go to sharpen and change blades.
Ksland you said that you have a 36 already? What brand? Why not try to keep everything the same. Makes getting parts easier.
As for the trimmers I would go with the Husqvarna 326Lx. And the blower red max 7001. As for a trim mower. I would forget it and wait to see if you really need one for the account that you have. If you do need one, How much. I really couldn't justify saying buy a commercial machine if you pull it off of the trailer every 2 weeks, but if you use it alot then yes either the toro/exmark or honda.
Heck it looks like you use husqvarna why not make an offer to your dealer for a whole nother set up.
Good luck on that second crew.