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Ryan Lightning
02-18-2004, 12:08 AM
Im looking at getting a split tank sprayer, 50 gal+ 50 gal, instead of a single 50 are 100. Id like to know if anyone has used one, and what are the benifits and drawback's.
Im looking at this so I dont have to invest in 2 spray rigs. It will be mostly for pre and post in lawns, and flowerbeds. Im thinking I will have to spray pre and post on a lawn,and just pre in the beds, are on the next lawn.

02-18-2004, 12:34 AM
Split tanks are GREAT as long as you have seperate reels and hoses.......otherwise IMO stick to a single tank and schedule on different days.

Pete D.

Ryan Lightning
02-18-2004, 02:06 PM
Would you run 2 hose reels, and 2 tanks, on 1 engine and pump?

02-18-2004, 03:40 PM
I would not run through the same pump. If you are using a pre in one tank and a post in the other and were doing over the top in beds with pre would it not be a concern with any post from the lawn you sprayed the stop before? through the same pump? Seperate tanks,engines,pumps, hoses. Better to be safe than sorry IMO.

Pete D.

02-21-2004, 05:02 PM
In the first place, rarely do you evn need seperate tanks. As far as the Pre/post thing, they are whole seperate timed events, but as for the little overlap we have, and what is needed, we have products that are IDEAL for that, that act as both. Dimension, for instance. Our first Pre-M goes down as a granular - (rd.2). 3 is a spray - post and pre-M as a follow-up. I hope this helps!

02-21-2004, 07:12 PM
One pump and one reel are fine for a split tank system as long as there is no potential for getting a return line or sparge line mixed up. Keep them entirely seperate and make sure to "bleed" out your spray hose when switching tanks. Have a simple valve system that switches from tank to tank. I've used them in various applications such as tree-shrub fert. injection in one tank with D.O/insecticide in the other. For the ultimate in simplicity have 2 tanks, 2 pumps and 2 reels with no worries but can cost some big extra $$$ for the peace of mind.