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05-30-2000, 09:34 PM
May of 2000 was a milestone for osc. We did over $20,000 in lawncare in this month with one day to go.<br>We don't have any mower over 61&quot; and we did it with only 2 employees plus me makes a 3 man crew.<br>I thought this may be encouraging to the newbies and start up guys. <br>I started this business 5 years ago and the growth has been nice.<p>June could very well be a 30 k month with the 2 landscape installs we are going to do in addition to daily lawncare.<br>I know there are some heavy hitters out there in this biz but for 3 guys I feel good about this.<p><br><p><font size="1">Edited by: osc

eagle lawn services
05-31-2000, 12:51 AM
Congratulations. It is good to know that there are those in the lawn care business doing as well as you. Keep it up.<br>Chris H.

little green guy
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05-31-2000, 10:53 AM
osc,<br>Thats a lot of money, you should be proud. Any plans for the profit? I would be willing to help you spend it:)

AB Lawn Care
05-31-2000, 12:14 PM
Ya if you can handle all that money I could take some off your hands!:)Glad to see you are doing well.What mowers do you use?????<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care

Jim White
05-31-2000, 01:59 PM
That sounds like great news!! tell us though, How many days or hours did you guys have to work for that? and are you using one truck or two.

05-31-2000, 09:10 PM
Scag 61&quot; walk behind<br>Great Dane Chariot 61&quot;<br>Pathfinder 61&quot; walk behind x 2 <br>2 trucks w/trailors<br>3 Stihl FS-80 string trimmers<br>1 Weedeater brand piece of junk blower<br>3 man crew avg. 50 hours per week <br> my solo efforts, another 10 hours per week<p>As far as profit, well it will go into the business and bills and storing up nuts for winter.<br>We have other equipment but it stayed in the barn.<br>I guess my point for sharing is to celebrate and to give some of you guys an idea or an example of what one business is doing in this industry.<br>You see a lot of people on the road and see the their accounts but sometimes it's hard to guess what kind of numbers they do.<br>Since we're practically anonymous here, I figured what the heck, grin and share it.

steven Bousquet
05-31-2000, 09:23 PM
it maybe hard for many people to see those numbers as real most guys working alone may only do a litte more than that for the year. your just getting a taste for the big numbers. whats your next level? sounds like you'll end up around 200k for the year, very good for a 3 man crew. anything between 160k-200k is good for 3 men crews. when you get to the 75-90k per month is when you start to see the six figure income, which is nice. congrads on you hard work and success.

05-31-2000, 09:50 PM
Steve:<br>I know there are some heavy hitters who pass through this forum. Some people do a frightening amount of business. <br>Actually, for me I'll probably end up less than 150 K for the year. I could do 30 k in June if we can keep up the pace and pick up 2 more workers for install grunt work. <br>July through early November will probably be more like 15-17 k per month.<br>I'm wondering what the next level is for me. I don't have the labor force to grow much more. That is my single biggest problem, labor.<br>But I want to grow at a pace I can handle. I'm not too sure I want to grow much more. I just don't want to fall on my face. I definitely see how chemical apps and landscape installs can increase dollar volume and profit quickly, but while I turn my back for a second, lawn maintenance dept can get sloppy.<br>One nice thing is that most of my customers are becoming so dependant on me for various services, I don't think a competitor can blow me out of the saddle very easily.<br>I remember from previous discussions that you company does one heck of a business. What do you think my next step should be?

05-31-2000, 09:55 PM
Steve:<br>P.S.<br>If I do 150-160 k I think I'll clear six figures before taxes. I guess I must be a penny pincher on expenses because at 75 k per month, half would be profit at least.

06-01-2000, 06:14 AM
Where are the dollars being generated, maintenance, installs? What is your customer mix?<p>Homer

06-01-2000, 08:25 AM
You'd have to be doing a lot of commercial<br>work for that kind of turnover.Can't see<br>getting that doing residential.Certainly not<br>here anyway.<br>Outstanding effort.:)<p>Karl<br>

06-01-2000, 06:32 PM
Homer/Southside:<p>99% commercial<br> 1% residential<p>90% lawn maintenance<br> 5% installs<br> 5% landscape maintenance<br>June will be much bigger in install work and lanscape maintenance. Lawn maintenance may be slightly smaller if it dries up on the rain fall.<p>Yo Southside:<br>Can I visit you this winter? I want to do the Great Barrier Reef thing. Maybe I can help you work to earn my keep. <br>

06-01-2000, 07:53 PM
I'm happy for you, too. I can only hope that I can someday do as good since I am a newbie.<p>----------<br>--Disneyland on the Potomac - ICQ 31223414<br>www.go-emerald.com

steven Bousquet
06-01-2000, 08:34 PM
osc, 50% profit that would be great. but to grow a business you need a company around you. you need a least one full time office person, always have a live person to answar the phone. if you have divsions, landscape, lawn apps, you need people to run those divsions. if you can clear 100k at 150k in business then stay at that size. only 50k in expenses? whats your cost, fuel, payroll ,insurance etc. our insurance is $890 per week. and fuel is 2k a month. Getting to the next level may not be the best idea for you you'll have to invest at least 25k every year to continue growing to reach the 75k-90k per month. as you get older you may want to be on a crew less and that might be the time to grow, but as long as your hitting that 100k income why bother with all the challeges of growth. good luck

06-01-2000, 09:54 PM
Steve:<br>I have had another big operator tell me to stay where I'm at and I think it may be good advice for now.<br>I have built a business based on my own personal hustle which is good and bad. Bad because it's hard to replicate in the way of employees. I was trained to do things the old fashioned way of charlie hustle and early bird gets the worm and all that but I definitely feel challenged when trying to duplicate what I do into other crews with other people running them.<br>If I don't get out there and sweat then it doesn't get done. I'm 32 now but I wonder how long I can do this. I really don't want to be a grunt when I'm 50.<br>Last year we did a modest 92k in revenue and I cleared 67K. That was all expenses including payroll. I think my ceiling is around 150K, clearing about 100K, before I have to change how I do things.<br>Part of the equation may be that I beleive deep down that this is a temporary business. I feel like the hooker who can't stop hooking because the money is too good and I've gained expertise in it.<br>People in our community look at me an say, &quot; I know you, you're the guy with the big lawn business&quot;.<br>At any rate, I guess I run a tight ship by being the key operator on every detail and I maximize profit that way. I wish there was more discussion on how people turn a profit and maximize their resources.<br>The down-side is that I don't have enough time to sell our services. I turn down more work than most people take on. In 1999, I gave an 85K/year account back to my competitor because it was a pain in the arse. I could have toughed it out but the labor issue was killing me.<br>If I could have enough people do exactly what I asked of them, I could pay them decently and probably make a fortune myself.

06-01-2000, 10:03 PM
Steve:<br>P.S. Luckily my wife is at home with the kids working on her 2nd degree(accounting), and does all my books and answers the phone. That has saved me tons. Pager, cell phone, I'm mobile baby. You can reach me in the field or I'll be paged and call you right back. Call waiting, caller I.D., fax, E-mail, I haven't missed a call yet.<br>Technology is real groovy.

06-01-2000, 11:59 PM
let's remember exchange rates on oz dollars to american greenbacks...somewhere around 1 us = 1.50 australian dollars..

06-02-2000, 10:01 PM
OSC<br>I have two questions for you. How many regular lawn maintenance customers do you have? and what do the three people on your crew do? I mean do you have two mowing or one mowing, one trimming, and one edging and blowing?<p>Thanks<br>Rick<br>LawnWorks

06-02-2000, 10:43 PM
osc ,<br>How do you like your Great Dane Chariot? <br>I have a 52&quot; Chariot. I have had it about a year. I really like mine. What is your opinion.<br>

06-03-2000, 08:05 AM
Lawnworks:<br>All 3 mow with 61&quot; decks at once, then all weedeat at once, then I send them to the next job while I blow walks.<br>Sometimes I will weedeat and send the other 2 guys to the next job especially if it's an easy trim. Too many hands on a small job means someone will end up standing around with their thumb you know where.<br>I definitely try to take the hardest details myself and keep the big mowers on the ground moving quickly. If the mowers aren't buzzing then your profit is slowing down. In battle, you keep the big guns laying down a constant wall of fire. <br>We have 30 or so regular customers and the avg dollar per cut is pretty healthy.<p>MowerUp:<br>The Great Dane is the most profitable machine I own. The speed and cut quality is tremendous. I'll probably buy another.

06-03-2000, 08:12 PM

steven Bousquet
06-04-2000, 12:55 PM
Bret,<br> we have 13 fulltime 3 parttime and 3-4 summer help,we are full service lawn care, landscapeing, plant health,lawn shrub and tree care. we run 2 mowing crews use to run 4, one landscape crew install and barkblowing finn 302, and 3 spray trucks.<br>we have bobcat 773 and newholland boomer tractor with many attachments. holding area for plants bulk mulch and have one designer.mowing we have exmark riders and 20ft trailers. one 2 man crew and one 3 man crew. one office manager, and two part time mechnaics. gives you an idea of what we are about. favorite consultants , phil,marty grunder, bob riley,roy rubenthal. all have been a big help in growing the business.other thing started in high scholl 1983 with lawn chief push mower and a 1975 ford 250. went full time in 1988 after grad from col with degree in ecomonics.

06-05-2000, 04:16 PM
Mr. Bousquete,<br>How do you like the Finn blower? How finicky is it with hardwood material, does it jam alot? What kind of truck is it mounted on and is it hard to maintain? As you can see I am very interested in one.

steven Bousquet
06-05-2000, 07:02 PM
getmow, <br>thwe finn we have is the 302 trailer mounted version. we tow it with a truck that holds either 15 or 10 yards, one truck with the blower and the other with a loader, you can shovel from the truck into the blower there is a folding slide for the mulch. but it is quicker to load it. it does not get clogged to much . there is prlblems with it 1. i had to buy a biiger truck to hold more mulch 2. i had to buy a new schedlue board to plan for all the work 3. everyone likes to go mulching now 4. need to get a truck delivery every week so your on the phone ordering all the time. 5. 12 yards in 90 minutes is our (when blower is running) avg, so i had to schedule more jobs per day. other than that i could never go back. our avg job is 10-12 yards. and we do about 1400 yards per season.<br>did 28 yards in 2.5 hrs at a commercail site. the machine cuts payroll way down. finn is the way to go. the payment is only 1g a month so the is easy to pay for . good luck

06-07-2000, 05:52 PM
Thanks for the reply. I have had a contractor in our area doing some of my larger properties for the last 2 years. He has the Express mulcher setup and an exclusive territory. If you want to get real serious (for real serious money) it might be something to look into.<br>I would probably be looking a truck mount unit to keep from having to take a loader on most jobs.<br>Thanks again

06-08-2000, 09:39 AM
Osc,you give hope to us &quot;little guys&quot; who have toiling in the soil for years. I've always been a solo operative making what I felt was &quot;enough&quot;, but have recently embarked on a mission to expand operations. Through word of mouth I got flooded with business over the late winter/spring so I know the market is there to grow in the green business to heights I never dreamed before (no pun intended). Still, I never came close to envisioning what you've done.<p>However, I will now. :)<p>Now, if I can only find the ever-elusive good labor ...<p>-TGC<br>

06-08-2000, 12:36 PM
What I find elusive is that gross # tell a very limited part of the story.But I hope you all do well.<br>Steve brings up a good point, that we need to make sure our playing field is level. Are paying all needed federal and state taxes and with holdings, and have all men covered by workers comp? Is all equipment schedualed for property tax where applicable? And the list goes on and on. <br>We scaled way a few years ago on our lawn maint, we have added a few more this season, we are mowing 2 days a week, and three when the 8 acre cemetary hits the rotation.<br>I have removed myself from daily mowing, and I find that raises costs alot, but frees me up to work on my business and not in it.<br>When you can do that, you will see growth in areas that you didnt see before, plus key people make the work go much easier.<br>Steve is a top notch service company owner, and we work together alot. In fact it may have been my acct that did 28 yards in 2.5 hrs. I hope not, cause I dont want him to make that much money off me. LOL<br>Dino<br><p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment www.sima.org

steven Bousquet
06-08-2000, 05:13 PM
about the mulch blower, the truck unir is nice. the 75g it cost was to much for me. the trailer unit cost 30g and it doesn't tie up a truck all the time. we don't use it every day, but when we do its worth it.<br>the condo i did for dino took 29 yards and took 16 man hrs. total time. we use pure hemlock which cost us $30 per yard but looks so nice people love it and will pay the cost.the commercial job we did was wide open area not like a time comsuming condo. also that 29 yards at the condo would have been 40-50 if you did it by hand or loader.<br>there is a guy who is doing $2700 per week by himself in mowing, on this site. how in the world he is doing it i would love to know<p>hey snowking how was the plowing conference?<br>we just sent out ads to all the commercail properties in our area and are getting calls to sign-up now for next season we offer 6 months free plowing from may 31 to nov 25.and free sanding. ithought we might be out this morning we i saw the temps.<br>congrads of the new tax deductions. whats the saying one is one and two is like ten.<p>hey guys taken all my people out for spring dinner at the buffet so gotta run. good luck and good growing.<p>

06-08-2000, 07:47 PM
It's nice to see all the sidebars on this thread. I think that more discussion is needed on this forum about numbers and money and how to be profitable.<br>The economy is booming and we have more opportunity now than ever before to realize profits and hit high numbers. <br>The fact is that more people and businesses every day are contracting out services that use to be done in house. <br>Everyone here probably has some expertise that someone else can learn from.<br>Please see my new post that I think may be on an issue that is under-discussed but has a huge impact on profit.

06-09-2000, 03:56 PM
Steven, Thanks again. Today the express trucks ($250K) apiece blew 70 yards in on of my properties. 2 trucks, 3 men and 2.5 hours.

06-14-2000, 01:32 AM
These are big numbers to me. I remember someone stating that they made 20,000 in a week? Wow. I feel great if I can gross 6,500 in a month. But then again, I do work by myself. 7 days a week, at least 10 hrs a day, sometimes I'm cutting now at 5:45 am and dont stop until I just cant see anymore. IF I could only find one person who had a damn brain and wasn't lazy and stupid, (not to mention a crack head) ! My prices are just about on par with everyone elses here, maybe even higher, so I don't think I'm cheating myself. Just seems like I should be making more money with 6 big commercials and about 40 residentials than last years 60,000! Anyone want to weedeat in the morning for $8.00 let me know! <p>----------<br>When the mowing gets tough, sharpen your damn blades!<br>

06-14-2000, 05:00 PM
One of my crews is a 1 man crew.<p>The guy works 50hr/week in the Spring and 45hr/week in the Summer.<p>Monthly Gross $7300.00

06-14-2000, 05:53 PM
osc,<br> Congrats!! That is an enormous amount of money to me since I just went fulltime last year. My figures run along the lines of @ $15000.00/month, with about half of that coming on one account that only takes up about 2 days/month. I hope to one day be in the same ballpark as you are. Again Congrats and keep up the good work.<p>----------<br>Richard Holton<br>Jesup, GA

06-14-2000, 08:23 PM
A cut above:<br>I know you, you're the guy with the big Walmart Dist. Center. Don't worry, you are bigtime already. I could do 50k per month and still be green with envy about that account.

06-15-2000, 09:25 PM
osc wrote:<br>We did over $20,000 in lawncare in this month with one day to go...3 man crew avg. 50 hours per week my solo efforts, another 10 hours per week.<p>I calculated that to be a total of 160 manhours per week, times 4 weeks in a month equals 640 manhours in the month. <p>$20,000/640 = $31.25 per manhour.

steven Bousquet
06-16-2000, 07:27 PM
thats good math, most guys don't do that much tracking. that number is very real.and very achievable. remember to keep track of the numbers the minute they check in and out and not just on the lawns. if it takes two hours to get the crew out and they mow $100 per hr for 7 hrs total time 9 hrs, for $700 or a crew gets out in 30mins and mow 8 hrs at 100 per hr. thats $800 in 8.5. hrs. just an example. not real. getting multiple crews out fast is very important as is getting one crew out. the numbers you added up are right on,now all you you to do is get 5 foreman to do the same and you will be golden. good luck

steven Bousquet
06-16-2000, 07:27 PM
thats good math, most guys don't do that much tracking. that number is very real.and very achievable. remember to keep track of the numbers the minute they check in and out and not just on the lawns. if it takes two hours to get the crew out and they mow $100 per hr for 7 hrs total time 9 hrs, for $700 or a crew gets out in 30mins and mow 8 hrs at 100 per hr. thats $800 in 8.5. hrs. just an example. not real. getting multiple crews out fast is very important as is getting one crew out. the numbers you added up are right on,now all you you to do is get 5 foreman to do the same and you will be golden. good luck