View Full Version : Perma Green Ultra

03-02-2004, 10:02 PM
I am looking at purchasing a Ride On Ultra from Perma Green. I live in NW Iowa and no one within 200 miles has one. Is this a good machine, are there better machines to consider? I am looking at streamlining our work load. I have a couple hundred accounts and dragging a hose all over is getting old, tiring, & the way I see it, time is money. We do a fair amount with granular and the rest is all liquid. Some of my customer don't like liquid so therefore I push a broadcast spreader. In other large areas I have a 3-pt hopper for fertilizer on large areas as well as a tank, which I find hard to caliberate all the time. I currently use a trailer with two 500 gal. tanks and 300ft of hose reel. I am looking at this as it is time to redo our pumpes, the engines are getting weaker but they are honda's and the crew and myself just get tired. Any Help!