View Full Version : 31 acres ...need some guidence

03-02-2004, 10:15 PM
31 acres includes sports fields...fairly easy mowing lots of trimming. This is a mow trim and blow bid . Any ideas will help

03-03-2004, 03:17 PM
I would find a nice utility tractor (Kubota 3010 or JD, around 30-35 HP) and a 15 ft. batwing mower (probably a Woods). What to bid? Whatever it will bare/handle:) Have fun!

03-03-2004, 11:32 PM
I don't know how much this will help, but I just bid on and won, going through a property management co, a 60 acre apartment complex with about 31 acres of trim mowing. For mowing, trimming and blowing only, I bid $1850 per cut. (Every ten days)
Edging, hedges, etc are all over and above this price. Works out to about $60.00/acre but you would probably go a little lower since a lot of it's wide open space.

03-03-2004, 11:41 PM
Dont underbid, with big props. like this, you really add up the hours on equip. quick. Good luck.

03-04-2004, 12:39 AM
Mowing 31 acres @ 15 per acre = $465
My mower (Cost of $17,000 all new) (One operator, no Workmans comp, no employee wages) will mow 7 acres per hr, which = $465 divided by 4.5 hrs = $100+ per hr. for me on my machine. - Cost of running machine at .01% = $17 per hr. + fuel = $3 per hr, therefore, I would net $80 per hr.

Trimming @ $48 per hr. = ? You plug in this number

Blowing @ $48 per hr. = ? You plug in this number.

Thanks, Brad