View Full Version : an idea for securing tank sprayers

03-04-2004, 02:53 PM
awhile back I think Iasked a ? on securing tank sprayers in an enlcosed trlr but I cant find the thread. I am not exactly the Handy Smurf that some of you are hence I ask some fairly stupid ?'s..but...I stumbled onto an idea last week that works well for securing round tank sprayers. (Backpack sprayer is on the wall)

Went to lowes and got a roll of the heavier "plumber strapping".
Cut a piece off, bent it, and fastened it to the wall, and wahlah!! I can sit the tank sprayers in there and they dont fall over...now some of you Mr Fix-its out there will say whoopee...but...since I cant nail 2 boards together I was kind of proud of my little idea!!....just thought I'd share it in case any of you have a need to anchor things without making it too complicated. I have a feeling that this strapping will come in handy for some other things in the trlr...but I dont know what as yet..hah