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03-18-2004, 06:50 PM
Do yall remember last year some one had a fuel tank made from an air tank? Well i got a new catologue yesterday and was looking at it and guess what i found http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=4006970&storeId=6970&productId=200269574&langId=-1 Looks just like an air tank with a fill spout in the top, a ball check cut off in the bottum and a 6ft hose and nozzle. Says it holds almost 11 gallons and is dot approved. Either that guy got a patent on it or some one got his idea and is making bux on it now. What are yall thoughts on this tank? I kinda like it, seems like i have to buy a 5 gallon can every year or two

03-18-2004, 07:07 PM
Thought I had seen all the diff. types of gas cans, but never saw one like that. (just got a Northern Tools catalog today, but not looked at it yet).
Pretty sharp. (as long as gas doesn't go up anymore, I could prob. fill it up.......without a co-signer...lol)

03-18-2004, 07:12 PM
Their add says "designed to be bolted to a trailer". I have always been told to never fill gas cans on the trailer due to static electricity issues. Maybe by bolting it to the trailer it eliminates that problem? I could understand that if it was bolted to the frame, but not if it was bolted to wood floor..........

Richard Martin
03-18-2004, 07:58 PM
It's also gravity feed. My trailer sits low to the ground and I don't think there is anywhere I could mount this tank and fill my machines.

03-18-2004, 08:01 PM
I may get one and mount it on the flatbed of my truck. Wouldn't work on my trailer, sits too low. My flatbed truck sits plenty high though. I wonder if I should mount a grounding strap to the frame though since the deck of my flatbed is wood.

03-18-2004, 08:08 PM
I was thinking the same thing with a ground wire/ strap, and I have a camper shell on my truck and was thinking of mounting it in there to keep it out of the rain

03-18-2004, 08:22 PM
The only problem I see is filling it up at the gas station....the quickie mart clerks go crazy if they see someone filling a container or mower in the bed of a truck or trailer.( going so far as to shut off the pump) Even though it would be mounted (grounded) and the same as filling the gas tank on a car or truck,,,try explaining that to the lady behind the counter

03-18-2004, 08:37 PM

03-18-2004, 09:12 PM
They usually don't want you to fill it in the bed of a truck with a plastic bed liner. When you drag the jug across it you create static electricty. KABOOM. Well, probably not that often but I guess it happens.

03-18-2004, 10:27 PM
that tank would be nice if it held about 20 gallons