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04-02-2004, 10:03 PM
today was the 2nd time this week i quoted a stone job and almost had to hold the guy from falling over. what r u charging? i've heard crazy things like $60, $70 a ton. i would not even consider it at this price. my price is alot higher. i quoted a 7 ton job today, 3/4 red stone, at $805. bed edging was additional. what r u charging?

04-02-2004, 11:16 PM
I had that same problem. Figuring my labor time I always did quotes at 102 a ton. Truth is I never got a job doing it at that price. Right now we charge 81.00 a ton and still get turned down alot. I have come to the realization you just cant make money laying the stones in my area. So my biggest money maker are the hardscapes like patios and walls and the plants. I usually just brake even on the stone which is stupid because it is alot of gruntwork. That and I try and talk people into bark alot.

04-03-2004, 06:16 AM
Bobby...never less than what you are charging...we include the landscape fabric install in the price and edging is extra like you.
Stone is a btch to install ..never less than $100 ton..
if they can find someone else to do it for less thats fine with me

04-03-2004, 06:33 AM
last year i was at $130 a ton, and got a few jobs, this year i came down to $115 to compete. 3/4" red cost me $28 a ton. i aint humpin 2,000 lbs of stone for less than $115. tell me how people are doing it for $60-$90?

04-03-2004, 06:57 AM
get this one BG..a friend told me this week he was out bid on a 30 ton stone install by a guy who gave a price of $65 a ton INSTALLED!!!! At $30/ton for red gravel, that means this yahoo is lugging this stuff for $35/hr!!!!!

I just laughed...about 3 tons into the job this moron will either quit, rent a machine and lose his arse, or be there for 2 months getting it done. I dont find too many "companies" or whatever the word is for these morons, even offering to do a bid on stone installs...at least they seem too know its about 3 times harder than installing mulch

stick to your price and move on

04-03-2004, 08:33 PM
I wish I could get $100 a ton for deco-rock. I charge $30 to install, and some people look at me like I am crazy. There are guys around here that will install for $15. I sell rock part-time, and it goes for around $35 a ton, so I charge $65 installed. A 10 ton job usually takes 2 hours, with 2 guys. I pay my helper $50, so that leaves me $250 for 2 hours work. The rock is delivered, so all I do is show up with shovels and Wheel barrows. Our best time was 14 tons in 2 hours.

General Grounds
04-03-2004, 10:13 PM
:blob3: hey bobby, we charge $120.00 per ton, this doesnt include edging or fabric. i charge a $1.00 a foot to re cut the edge. tony

04-04-2004, 09:08 AM
Originally posted by desertrat
Our best time was 14 tons in 2 hours.

What? Was it dumped right into the area you were spreading ... cause if you had to shovel and wheel it ...well lets just say Ill sub out all our stone to you!

Your quote sounds in line Bobby.

04-04-2004, 10:19 AM
2 guys doing 14 tons in 2 hours, man the navy seals would like to talk to you.


D Felix
04-04-2004, 02:24 PM
Last stone we did, we used the tractor to dump (slowly) into two wheel barrows. Could get about two WB trips with one tractor bucket (JD 4300). IMHO, that's about the easiest way to load the WB's. Screw that shovelling cr*p until clean-up....:D


04-04-2004, 02:33 PM
The place I work at p/t usually charges $20 a ton plus a $30 deliver charge for anything up to 3 tons then anything more then 3 tons is a $50 delivery charge. $50-$60 a ton seems high. I would told the guy $200.00.


04-04-2004, 02:35 PM
Originally posted by NNJLandman
The place I work at p/t usually charges $20 a ton plus a $30 deliver charge for anything up to 3 tons then anything more then 3 tons is a $50 delivery charge. $50-$60 a ton seems high. I would told the guy $200.00 for the stone then whatever you want to charge for labor. Why did this post twice? sorry bout that.


Always Green
04-04-2004, 03:31 PM
14 tons in 2 hours sounds real slow to me........ last job we did was 60 tons in 8 hours but that was with 3 labors instead of our normal 2.. we normally get $30 to $35 per ton to spread stone, mark up stone 15 to 20 % and charge $10per ton (100sqft) for filter fabric
3/4" red chip stone $33.60
Labor $35.00
Filter $10.00
Total $78.60per ton
And we have trouble getting work at that price alot of guys here are much cheaper getting $20.00 to spread and not marking up the stone

04-04-2004, 06:46 PM
For stone replenishment we use a dump truck with a coal shoot. Stone goes from truck to wheelbarrow. I can do 5 tons in an hour with 2 men no problem. charge $75-100 a ton depending on costs of stone-Cake money-Harry

04-04-2004, 10:35 PM
Am I a Navy Seal or am I "real slow"? 60 tons in 8hours with 3 guys sounds real fast. Thats 20 tons a piece in one day. Here in Tucson in the summer there is no way I could do that, but in the winter, well maybe. Either way it is pretty good money, and I like the challenge.

04-05-2004, 05:22 PM
We have a schute on the dump truck. We usually use the dingo or the tractor to hall if it is more then ten yards but less then that we use the schute as it just dumps the rock into the wheelborrow. 2 guys doing 14 ton seems a little exagerated. Maybe if you werent laying fabric and had no plants to rock around but I doubt it even then. Two guys can usually do about 5 ton in two hours. If you did it that fast I would hate to see the results. Fast doesnt necessarily mean good either. I would rather take an hour longer and have a nice looking job and have people see it, then do a crap job to make a quick buck. Thats kind of like spending a dollar to save a nickel.

04-05-2004, 07:37 PM
I was at work today and I checked the Red stone price it was $50-60 a ton plus $40-50 delivery and up to 10 tons at a time.