View Full Version : reset posts

11-27-2000, 10:21 PM
How about a "reset posts" option like some forums have? Is that a possibility?

11-28-2000, 01:48 AM
Can you explain in a little more detail? Im not familiar with this option.


11-28-2000, 07:28 PM
It simply allows you to reset posts as having been read. So, at any given time you can mark all current posts as having been read. Now the only way that happens is if you log off, and then back on.

This helps for those of us who basically leave our 'puter set at lawnsite all the time. I can mark all as "read" and even though I don't log off, when I come back and refresh, I will be able to tell any new posts.

Does that make any sense?

11-28-2000, 08:07 PM
I think this software does that.. ??? I think I remember eric mentioning this feature a while back. When he gets back I will ask him about this.


11-28-2000, 11:44 PM
On the home page, bottom right = "Log out" will reset you.