View Full Version : Goes anybody else besides me and Bobby have all the bad luck?

05-01-2004, 06:37 PM
Hello. well my day has been great. The 1 new once amonth accounts I picked up I lost today and another new one I have not even mowed yet. A lady fro church (yeah I should know better) wanted me to look at a job last month and give a price. She has a 3/4 acre lot and a very large area between fence a ditch to weedaeat. Mow time about 25 minutes and weeteat about an hour. I went by last week and sprayed the ditch with roundup (about 10 bucks worth) and went and mowed today and still had to weedeat. took about 1.25 hours and 40 minute drive round trip. When I finished she asked me how much and I told her 60 like last time. You would thought I had slapped her. She thought the 60 was just for thr first time and it would ne cheaper next time. Said she could not afford that much. Im standing there soaking with sweat after all the ditch climbing wedeating and I just stood there flabergasted. I told her she did not owe me a thing and merry christmas. NO she said I want to give you something. I told her if she could not afford it she needs it worse than me and turned and walked off really ticked off. Went to next yard I got yesterday, quoted her 70, not a big yard but LOADED with bushes. about 1.5 hours weedeat and 20 mins to mow. Well she suddenly changes her mind and cant afford it anymore and lives in a upscale neighborhood and the yard looks like it has not been done in a year. GRRR Please tell me what Im doing wrong? Im just about one notch from giving up. Trying to keep a positive attitude but it is getting the crap beat out of it. Im in the worse shape since I started 5 years ago.OH well...

oh BTW lost another 2 last week, customer sold due to health priblems on one, other one paved the whold front yard (a business) 5 yards and going down for the count, had 24 last Ausust. Bobby, wheres the shovel?

05-01-2004, 06:39 PM
That was supposed to be Does, not Goes, did not have on glassed. LOL

Randy J
05-02-2004, 08:51 AM
Danny, it may be time to re-evaluate. First of are you sure lawn care business is for you - it's not for a lot of people. If it is, then how's the quality of your work? What customers are you targeting. Do you look as professional as possible? Are you in a good market, and how does your busines plan reflect it? For instance are you trying to do a super quality job, and demand a price accordingly, in a market that only wants mow, blow and go? Or vice versa. Those are all things to look at.
Good luck dude.


05-02-2004, 03:01 PM
hey Randy, yes my truck, trailor and equip is in great shape and I dress decent and always frindly. I have yards that other lcos turn down or would not have. I have 2 yards that I do for 40 and both are 80 dollar yards that I have had from beginning and underestimated on badly. I lost all my good yards this year do to death, transfers and 10$ scrubs. I attract the kind who are looking for 10-15 dollar cuts on 40-50 dollar yards. Our worst area are the rich neighborgoods where you ride thru and see beat up trucks and lcos with 1 push mower and looks like a bum. I had a lady call last month wanted me to give price on rental property. Was 30 minutes away and a 2 hour job. I quoted her 45 and she liked to sh22. Said she was willing to pay 20. These are the rich folks. A yard you would charge 80 for will go for 25 around here. Im hanging ny a thread. There is no way with gas 2 bucks a gallon I can do not yard for 20!! Not counting insurance, equipment patments and upkeep. What the #@@ are people thiking? Welcome to south georgia. BTW I read somewhere the georgia is like 49 out of 50 states on the lowest payscale/salaries and I believe it!

05-02-2004, 03:09 PM
BTW Randy I really enjoy what I do and I have an excellent reputatiom for doing good work, I am very ticky, one customer told me I didnt mow his yard I manacured it! The market is the big one, extreme competition from bubba and billybob in their rusty truck and push mower or seen one other day pulling his mower/rake behind a bycycle and this was a upscale area!

05-02-2004, 04:55 PM
heres the crap I have to put of with. Called the lady back on the 60$ job and told her I would do the lot for 35 once a month and no ditch trimming. She then told me she was a single granny raising her GK by herself and could not even afford that! Wanted me to do it every 2 months for 35, I said sorry can no do. Do you know how tall bahha grass and dog fennels get in 2 months. These are the kind of PITA I get.


05-02-2004, 04:58 PM
Oh forgot she did have me 40$ for the 60 job yesterday and I guess I will have to take it being Im so desperate!I had already told her to forget it but I figured being I knew her would give me something. Its bad when your area is so bad you have to beg for work at any price!