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05-03-2004, 10:17 PM
I just bought a 2004 Hustler Super Z with 60" deck and I wanted to put a jumbo size side catcher. Is there a catcher made for this unit? How easy is it to install? Will the weight of the catcher affects the quality of cut since it will be heavy on one side of the deck? And lastly, how much does it cost and what is the part/item number I should be looking for? Thanks for the help!

05-03-2004, 10:49 PM
We do make a catcher for this machine. Check out this link


(scroll down to the pictures on the bottom). The picture is of the catcher mounted on a 52 inch deck. The 60 has the same style of opening, only 2 inches longer. Note that you don't need a mounting bracket for this model. You will need to drill a hole where the post goes in (as you can see in the picture). The part number is GCHU or GCHUXL. As far as tipping the deck, If you use the jumbo and fill it with wet grass, you may get some tilt to the deck. It depends on the weight of the deck and how it is mounted to the main chassis of the mower. If you have a fixed deck it will not be a problem, on a floater you may have a bit of tilt as the catcher gets full. A good test is to step on the edge of your mower where the catcher would attach and see how easy it is to move the other side when your foot presses down. The catcher is about 50-60 lbs for the regular size, 75-90 lbs for the jumbo (when full, of course). List price is $359.00 for the regular and $499.00 for the jumbo. You might do a search here in lawnsite on Accelerator and Hustler and see what some of the other guys have to say. Feel free to give me a call anytime if you need any more info.