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05-06-2004, 11:50 AM
does anyone here use a hook lift for a truck:confused: think about it! a Ford F-450 or chevy whatever with a roll-off hook lift. you could have a stake body, with removable sides. a strictly dump body like a dump truck, a flat bed mounted with spray equipment, the possiblities are endless. the customized bodies could be make for a few $$$$$$$ thousand, but in the long run you don't have to have so many different trucks. my uncles company builts hook-lift dumsters and i just saw a flat bed with stakes he made it was NICE:cool: why not do this instead of having one truck thats limited to what is't built for. you could also transport pavers, brick, even a bobcat with the right one. check out this company the make them the possiblities are endless. i definitly will buy this later down the road:cool: http://www.stellarindustries.com/newstellarweb/shuttle.html

05-06-2004, 11:52 AM
http://www.stellarindustries.com/newstellarweb/24000.html see the tank in this pic. you could even make tree chipper bodies, leaf bodies ect.:)