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05-17-2004, 01:21 PM
I am getting ready to install a new lawn over about an acre and a half. I know the best option would be to hire a pro but my wife let me go out and buy a tractor under the condition that I do it myself. I enjoy the work and am somewhat capable so I feel I'm up to the challenge. Anyway, the area has been box bladed a few times and I have removed all of the larger rocks I could find. Now I have a bunch of dirt with several thousand rocks in it. My plan of action from here is remove rocks with a landscape rake or Harley rake, have our excavator come in and take out the large rocks that my tractor couldn't handle, bring in fill dirt and topsoil, add ammendments as necessary, till it all together, install irrigation, final grade with landscape rake, hydroseed, enjoy. First, does this sound like a good plan? Am I forgetting anything or doing any extra work? Any hints to make the job easier? Second, I know the best time to plant is in fall but we can't go another summer with the dirt and weeds. I hope to have in all in by the middle of June. Considering I will have irrigation with fertigation to cover the whole area will putting the grass in now be ok? Thanks for the help. I know this is a forum geared more towards the pro but I've seen some great advice here and I couldn't find a good site that caters to the homeowner. And maybe if this all works out well for me I'll go into business doing light landscape work. :D Thanks again.


05-18-2004, 08:31 AM
it wont be a problem, especially if your having irrigation.it should grow quick but will take a couple of seasons to fill in good