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05-18-2004, 03:16 PM
So I finally decide to dig out the aggergate any lay the geotextile.......and then start wondering why my aggergate is grey in color,,,,,,,,,,,, So I call the place where I got it......... oh we have recycled class 5,,,,,,, god F_____ D__.......this has turned into a nightmare.........So can I use recycled Class 5 or does it contain to many fines...... I figure i have 3 options

1 dig it all out and replace with real class 5

2 dig half of the recycled class 5 out and bring in 1/2 of my orignal (cut down on cost)

3 I need help here ( call back the quarry ask what Sieve 200 size or what questions should i ask......do they run test on it to see if meets ASTM CODE????????