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05-21-2004, 08:58 AM
Ok I had posted another thread asking about this but I believe due to the title it did not get the response I wanted.

I want to know about the Ferris IS1000Z 52Ē 23hp Kawasaki. Good, bad, anything. How does the deck cut and discharge compared to an eXmark? Is the 23hp plenty of power for doubles on this deck? What is the going price on one of these machines (new)?


05-21-2004, 10:41 AM
Bought my IS100Z in October of '03, and have used it all of this season so far. I paid $7,025 out the door. The 23HP Kawi is awsome. A couple of new jobs I got this year were extremely high, and the old ZTR plowed right through the tough stuff without even thinking about it. Cut quality has been more than acceptable in my opinon, but to be fair, I have not had any personal experience with Exmark. The suspension works great, and really helps out on those "not so perfect " lawns. The dealer support has been very good, and they come with a two year commercial warranty. When the time comes for me to buy another ZTR I will probably go back to a Ferris, but this time go with the IS300Z for the 4 wheel independent suspension. My only complaint is that they do not offer a striping kit for it yet. If the deck is set up correctly you really do not need the striping kit, but having the kit would probably leave a better stripe. If you can't tell yet, I have been really impressed by this machine!

05-21-2004, 10:50 AM
Thanks thatís exactly the type of feedback I wanted to hear- not someone who is obsessed with it (you said to be fair you havenít used an eXmark). Thatís fine. I would probably build my own deck roller for striping anyway so that doesnít really matter to me. The IS3000ZX with 27hp Kohler and 60Ē deck was $8999 at my dealer if youíre interested. I wanted the most power affordable but got to thinking that I feel a 52Ē deck is better for me at this time than a 60Ē.

Any way you could post a picture of lawns cut with it? Please tell what height they were cut at. Thanks.

05-21-2004, 10:56 AM
i'm looking into the IS3000 right now.

05-21-2004, 11:22 AM
The boss just OK'd the deal! Sa-weet!

05-21-2004, 12:46 PM
You won't be dissappointed, I will try to post a picture for you if I can get a digital camera this weekend. If you figure out a good way to engineer a striping kit for it, let me know how it works.

05-21-2004, 01:07 PM
Kerrturf- Going to try and go get it tomorrow morning :D :D :D
They want $7499 :( another, larger dealer in the same area wants $7100 but I used to work for them at a different branch and I would not say that they are the most honest people (disconnected an hourmeter on a demo unit while I mowed their 6 acre lot with it every week for the summer then sold it as having only a few hours on it :mad: ) they lied a couple other times too. The guy Iím going to buy from I used to go to church with and I would say heíd be a better guy to buy from. Iíll see if I can haggle the price alittle and/or get some blades, shirt/hat or something to go with it to sweeten the deal. Canít wait :D :D :D
I hope I get what I pay for in this deal. Could get a 60" 27hp eXmark Lazer for that, but local dealer is no good and they don't have that sweet finance deal. Plus I want 52" and the suspension.

05-21-2004, 02:56 PM
Blades.... Blades..... Blades!!!
Shirts, hats, etc. are a dime a dozen, but blades are about $15 a piece!
Good luck.

05-21-2004, 03:22 PM
We purchased a new IS3000ZX this spring. I will truly say that we went with this machine for two reasons over the Non-Suspension mowers.
1. The independent suspension is awesome and makes a difference on your body at the end of the day.
2. The IS3000ZX now comes standard with the high back seat. On other mowers we tested it was a couple hundred dollars extra for the same seat.
I don't think you can truly compare the two machines (Suspension & Non-Suspension) unless you were to demo each of them at the same time. That will show you a clear difference in their performance. If you go with the Ferris you will not be disappointed. Let me know how the striping kit goes as well. We're fabricating something ourselves too. Good Luck...

05-21-2004, 04:36 PM
i got my new 1000zis on the 6th of this month...it a 52 23, and i love it, so far so good...the black tanks on the side are really easy to get really dirty, so it never looks too clean...i think some one said no striping kit...i compared to exmark 20 54 i think and a 23 60...ferris was cheaper, and i liked the ride. thats why i picked it

05-21-2004, 04:47 PM
I have a dealer near me (DE, MD, SE PA area) that has a 2003 3000is 25kaw/60" that he is giving a great price on. Hasn't cut a blade of grass and just has the in and out of shop time on it (you still get the full 2year bumper to bumper warranty). Any one interested PM me and I will send you in the right direction. I decided to buy a Hustler from him or else I wouldn't be offering this info up. I am telling you that the price he is looking for is not that far off of the 1000is price so if you are in the area and want a ferris this is the best deal you will get. I figure that I have benefited from your knowledge so much I owe you all something in return.

05-21-2004, 06:58 PM
Got 2 of them brand new last year Eric. 23 kawi's with 61 inch decks. Are ya sitting down?

$6100 each for them...

05-21-2004, 08:17 PM
Look back at my posts from a couple of months ago. I was offered a Ferris IS1000 23/52 for $5,995.00. Not including tax. Was also offered a Grasshopper 220/52 for same price. Have not bought either yet as my lawn guy showed back up and as long as he will cut my 3 1/2 acres for $45.00 a cut he gets it. Will be glad to furnish dealers name & number if you want it but it is in Ga. I think if I had to choose today I would take the Grasshopper, it had a much smoother ride.

05-21-2004, 08:53 PM
Don't forget Ferris is offering 0% for 36 months on any new machine.

Eric 1
05-21-2004, 10:25 PM
Wow dude, A new truck new mower... your set to go. Post pics (duh) And price, if you traded the o'l Exmark in, looking forward to seeing it.:blob3: :blob1: :cool: payup

05-21-2004, 11:23 PM
Kerrturf- I buy my blades from a local parts warehouse. About $10 (give or take a couple dollars but usually around that) a piece depending on what kind of lift or if theyíre gator/what not. Youíre right though, Iíll get more use from the blades than shirts/hats. Also I have 5 sets of blades for my eXmark I will keep 4 of them. Two of gators and two standard lift (one notched the other solid foil) and one set of super high lift notched foil.

JHE- thanks but I need a 52Ē model.

Rod- quit stealing those machines! I thought we all got on ya last time? Didnít ya learn your lesson? LOLÖ..

ZER- that is why Iím getting the machine!

Eric1- picking her up in the morning. If I can borrow my broís digital cam Iíll get pics. My yard is very tall right now. May go mow my prize lawn with it too.

As for the price, I canít do much about it! The price of a regular 1000Z same thing but w/o suspension is something like $6300, about the same as other brandsí equivalent machines. But I want the suspension :D

05-22-2004, 12:08 AM
Ya know, I think Grasshopper offered some 36 month 0% last year, but you had to buy the insurance. Make sure that's not the case in this Ferris deal. I looked at them too, but the only decent Ferris dealer is like an hour away. Although Simplicity corp. owns Ferris. Which they also own Snapper, which the Snapper ZTR looks a lot like the Ferris sans the independent suspension. I tested the Snapper, alright, not extremely smooth. There is a ton of washers between the blades and the spindles. Don't know why, but it would lend itself for doubles fairly easily. I think their price was $6000 for the 48" 21 hp kaw. The Snapper has the cooling fans above the hydros and a Donaldson filter standard. One drawback is that they never have any enticing financing deals. Oh well, just save up and buy cash.

05-22-2004, 12:15 AM
Hello. Im looking at a 1000 and a is1000, does the suspension really make that much difference? Dealer wanted 6700 for 1000 and 7900 for the is1000 with a 61 deck. I had a JD 737 ordered but my dealer support has been HORRIBLE!! All dealers hour or more away and if you didnt buy it from them forget it! Rminds me of toyota sealeman. That 0% finance is great but my JD 717 when financed thru deere was only 25 a year, will have to see waht Ferris offers. bottom line is still the final price with good dealer support.
JD dealers suk!! (I guess you can tell Im really pissed with Deere)


Envy Lawn Service
05-22-2004, 05:53 AM
OK boys, ready for this? Take out your wallet, stroke it a couple of times and apologize to it. Now sit down and brace yourself well for this one.

Last year when I was looking, I could have bought the IS1000 23/52 brand spankin' azz new for $5,750

So there! Take that! And don't be tempting me anymore with any 0% for 36 month financing! I don't need to be seduced by $245 a month for an IS3000! It's hard not to run out and take advantage of it. I need to keep the mindset of IS3000 = $8,820.... There that doesn't sound near as good!

05-22-2004, 08:27 AM
Envy - $8,820 is what turned me away from Ferris 3000is until I found that 3000is leftover I spoke of above. At least $1,000 off of that price and it is not a demo. Now that got my attention.

05-22-2004, 08:53 AM
Originally posted by robertyb
as long as he will cut my 3 1/2 acres for $45.00 a cut he gets it. .

3 1/2 acres for $45.00??? Holy jiminy, that is a good price. Is it all grass, or does this include house/buildings etc? At least is it all flat and no obstacles?

We have a Ferris IS3000Z, 60" w/ Kaw 25hp. We run doubles routinely, factory high lift bottom, Gator above. It has been a great machine (got it last year). We also got the Pico (sp?) stainless steel collection system, expensive, but for how we collect leaves it has been worth every penny.

As to the "is the full suspension better?" question, it is difficult to describe without experiencing it. Last year, after we had been running the Ferris for a few months, the CT Groundskeepers Assoc had a show and dealer/equipment demo, where you could drive just about all of the mowers available (at least in my area). We were amazed at how rough the ride is without suspension. It is kind of like hydro vs belt drive, once you start using suspension, you won't go back.

Hope this helps.

05-22-2004, 02:28 PM
The 3 1/2 acres is grass around my home which is on a hill covered in huge Cedar Trees and lots of rocks to cut around. Have 1 outbuilding also on it. Very little of it is flat at all. I actually have 7.2 acres but I cut the rest with a bushhog. An old highschool friend is the second largest LCO in this area and he does it for me. Drops off a 72" cut Grasshopper and another with 60" cut and a couple of guys on trimmers, blowers. They are here and gone in 45 to 50 minutes. I expect him to drop me every year so I have been looking at mowers myself.

05-22-2004, 04:24 PM
What price range should I expect from a dealer for the IS 5000Z with the 31.5 LC diesel? Who owns one? Is it worth the money?

05-22-2004, 06:07 PM
15 - 16 thousand is the price tag. I demoed the prototype a couple of years ago for a week before they hit the market for Ferris's largest distributor here in NJ. They're worth it for sure...just make sure you have plenty of acreage to cut as well.

05-22-2004, 06:16 PM
I have all ferris mowers and i love them so far. The IS1000 is nice they have changed a few things for the better. I talked to dusty from ferris Ind. and they have some new things that are coming out to better the machines. I have a stripping kit for mine. Also i was suprised to find that my dealer is much cheaper than pretty much every other dealer. I paid $6700 for my 52" 23 kawi IS1000.

05-23-2004, 01:01 AM
Yay! Went to the dealer this morning. Got to mow some red field clover with it (nasty stuff) with some regular clover and a bit of bluegrass and fescue mixed in. it did a real good job on it, good clean cut and stripe and good dispersal. I actually think with standard lift blades on it that it does better than my eXmark. The blades may be faster but the eXmark is supposed to be at 18,500 which is the max allowed generally. Iím sure itís a little slower from the engine being out of adjustment but not that much? Well anyway, back to the Ferris. The IS rides real nice too and it does help avoid scalping in some tough spots. I really liked the machine so I got it.
Important features to me:
Front wheel independent suspension (not just a smoother ride but makes the machine more stable and provides a better cut on rough ground)
Nelson heavy duty canister air filter
Fuel gauges on each tank
More convenient and comfortable location of controls than the Scag Tiger Cub (only know this because he also sells those and I sat on one). The seat is also more comfortable than the Tiger Cub if only a little. Dealer is 39 miles away, but he was very good to me.

I got it home and played on it. First mowed a neighbor buddyís lawn with it just for kicks, man was he impressed. He mowed a few passes with it too. He loved it. Then went and mowed my prize lawn with it and it looked at least as good as ever with my eXmark maybe even a little better. This thing really cuts and stripes like a champ, no complaints there. I may add a flap to stripe with but Iím in no hurry as it does really well on itís own. Then I mowed my lawn with it (2 acres 70% hilly) it had not been mowed in a couple weeks. It handled it really well. I wasnít really able to bog the motor very much. The deck performed very well also. Mowed once at 4Ē then it was toward dark and I put sharp gators on top of the standard lift blades and was way totally impressed!!!! Does superb! Has enough power to run them efficiently and does a sweet job! Throws better than the eXmark because of more power to the blades I suppose. I like that I can now quickly and easily set height adjust while on the seat and with blades on. I find that I have to change heights more this year than I did last year so thatís a handy feature.
I got two extra sets of blades with it (machine never cut grass when I got it so in effect I have three new sets), two Ferris T-shirts, and a jumbo mesh debris bag. The 52Ē was the perfect all around size for me and itís nice that the stripe size will not change but I also have many sets of good or new blades that will fit it that I had for the eXmark.
Iím very very pleased with this machine so far and no regrets. I found that just because there arenít any others in my area (lack of dealers) does not mean that itís not a great machine. I think that because itís more expensive than other brands models of same deck and engine size it scares off many people. Itís just a nicer machine thatís all!
I found that itís just as maneuverable as the Exmark and much more capable in tall grass and with doubles, and very capable on hills. Much more than I would have thought even. Not as good as the olí eXmark on some steep banks but it will do just fine for me. I like this much better than the Dixie XT3200-60 I tried. This sits lower so it gets under limbs better, the smaller deck is more versatile actually, stripes still match, the deck performs more to my personal liking (not bashing Dixie decks, just not my type). The Ferris deck looks very very similar to an eXmark on the under side. All in all itís a very well built machine with many nice features and I really like it. Iím trying not to be biased! If you have not tried a Ferris and are looking into a Z, check them out and compare to other brands. The IS really helps machine stability and traction a lot and helps cut a lot. The fixed front end mowers ride like a log wagon in comparison and they donít contour the ground at all so they either scalp or ride over and donít cut an area. That also adds more frame stress. Plus you lose traction that way. With that Dixie I had to keep maneuvering differently to keep traction on the drive tires because of the fixed front end. I suppose all others are that way. I think a lot of people over look the benefits of the IS. This is a really nice machine and yes pricier than the Scag, eXmark, etc. but I think you do get what you pay for. No regrets here. Would not have minded 25hp but the 23hp Kaw seems to be plenty.

Sorry no pics yet. Possibly will have Monday, hopefully. Gone all day tomorrow. Hopefully on Monday Iíll get around to building the vacuum collection system. I need it for a few lawns this next week so I better get it done. I have most of the parts for it just need some steel for brackets.

Thanks for letting me ramble. I may have more observations and comments after some more use but I put a few hours on the hourmeter today and used it in a few different conditions (turf type and terrain). Loviní it!

06-30-2004, 02:49 AM
you get commission or what? got me talked into a2352 is1000z for sure but i got to get a sweet deal!:blob3:

08-27-2004, 05:47 PM
Read the thread ""Ferris Fire danger" I love my Ferris 3000IS but be aware of this!


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