View Full Version : sod removal and new install

06-06-2004, 09:26 AM
I need to rip out and remove 1500sqft of existing sod, then replace with new. Any rough pricing ideas???

06-06-2004, 03:39 PM
im charging $2200 for 2100 sq feet. i know its slim, but its a family freind. i figure, itll take me and 2 employees about a day. i figured ill pay each employyee $75, so $150 total. A sod cutter to rent is 80, a roller is 20. so thats 100. rent a tiller is 80, and then a yard of topsoil is $13, to haul off all the old sod is 100. the new sod is $252.

so its costing me about $695

so my profit is about $1505.

hope that helps you!

06-27-2004, 12:40 AM
We just removed and replaced about 2500 sf of sod.

First job like this and realized my estimate was low when it came to removing and disposing old sod. Sod was removed with a sodcutter, then manually taken to trailer with a wheelbarrow. Consider your methods for removing it, hauling away, time, disposal etc. Plus we had a guy working with us who was lazy and slack. My husband and I hauled away 5 small trailer loads (6.5 X 10) of debris! Not too bad of a job though. Would do it again.....