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06-21-2004, 12:19 PM
Alright, this is what I've got done so far.

I figured out all my material expenses, feel free to take a look and then comment. Thanks.


06-22-2004, 12:00 AM
with the exception of the hackberry, which will probably be 300

06-22-2004, 02:56 PM
Ok, final prices are here...



x3 (i like this one the best)

06-23-2004, 03:32 PM

06-24-2004, 07:16 AM
What is the TXI Maximer?


06-24-2004, 09:08 AM
If Im not mistaken its Concrete

06-24-2004, 11:23 AM
Yah, its a 40 lb bag of concrete. This made up of stacked concrete bags, looks really nice once it's all done:)

D Felix
06-27-2004, 10:04 AM
Hey, why not go x4 or x5? Or even x6??

I don't understand why you are using multipliers. I think you've done enough work to be past that. The x2 or x3 is probably a good way to go when you are starting out, but you need to move on to more accurate ways of estimating. Besides, when I've seen anyone using a multiplier like that, it has been based only on materials cost, not materials and equipment. But there are more accurate methods that should be used..............

You need to figure out how long you think it will take. If it's gonna take only you 5 days, 8 hours/day, that's obviously 40 hours. Now, if your hourly rate is $40/hour, your labor should be $1600. Add that to the materials and equipment, and you are looking at a total of around $7600.

Anything else and you may make the client feel as though you are ripping them off. If you are planning on doing this yourself, I think I would estimate the labor high, say 2 weeks instead of one, since you haven't done this type of work before. Maybe even 2 1/2 weeks. Whatever, just estimate it a little higher than you think. You'll be glad you did.

Also, I would suggest getting the excavator one day, then getting the skidsteer the next. Use the mini-ex as much as you can the first day, no need to waste money on the skidsteer while you are doing your initial digging. That will also allow you to use the SS for a day past when you have the mini-ex to do whatever clean-up you might need to do.

Your materials and equipment that you have above, are any of them marked up at all? Did you include fuel, damage waiver, etc. for the equipment? What about a plate compactor? Will you need one of those for the base? Are you rebarring courses of the bags together, or just simply stacking them? And are you sure the skidsteer is big enough to do what you want it to do? I'm not that familiar with CAT, but I think I'd be looking at a 277 for moving that quantity of soil up and down a hill. Is the 236 wheeled or tracked? For some reason I'm thinking wheeled.... Again, I'd much rather have tracks.
One more thing, will you need drainage behind the wall? I realize that it's going in on a mostly dry creekbed, and you don't have the freeze/thaw cycles like we do, but you will still want to relieve whatever hydraulic pressure that might build up behind the wall....


06-28-2004, 04:29 PM
D Felix.

Met with the customer last night, and he asked me "So when can you get started?"

So I'm pretty sure I got the job for the price of $17,169.21.

The SS is tracked, and I am picking up both pieces of machinery at different times. I'm picking them up, so I can take the back to my house at night to do some extra work around the yard with, and I need to remove some rocks down the street at another customers house with the ex.

I am using rebar that will go down 4 courses deep and they are being placed every 8 feet. I did include fuel, and damage waiver.

Plate compacter is 7 bucks a day from HD, so thats a misc cost that was just thrown in there. I took a look at the SS and the Ex and they are both massive pieces of machinery, and they definately get the job done.

From what my engineer said, soemthing about a segmented wall and said I wouldnt need anything for drainage except a little gravel. I'll be using about 15 yards of gravel and 35 of soil. but they are both the same price per yard, so i just said 50 yards of soil.

should get started on this in a week or so.

D Felix, thanks for all your help on this!!

Rex Mann
06-28-2004, 08:22 PM
$7.00 a day for a plate compactor must be for a hand tamper. At HD they run $50.00 plus a day. Might want to check on that.

Also, it is not hydraulic presure, it is hydrastatic presure, which is created by moisture.



D Felix
06-29-2004, 08:40 PM
Just checked my HD rental sheet. Hand tamper is $9/day. 14" plate compactor (probably a jumping jack) is $63/day. You might want to double check those figures! We just rented a compactor from our local rental yard, it was $50/day....

Rex- thanks for the clarification. What is the difference between the two?


06-29-2004, 11:50 PM
Well, I plan on getting the wall "built in about 2 days" so I can just spend 100 bucks on a plate compacter without adding it in. He had a bid from another company for 600 bucks cheaper, ut that didnt include the 500 i had in there for tree removal. so really i was 100 bucks over on a 17,000+ bid. Not bad:) But hes gonna have me do it anyways. the wall will be built in a few days, but all the prepping will be the stuff that takes the time and touch ups.