View Full Version : Making my w/b faster???

06-22-2004, 11:35 PM
I wanted to know if I could get a little bit more speed out of my old Bobcat W/B. Its belt drive. Any help would be appreciated. :confused:

06-22-2004, 11:39 PM
Bigger wheels - Faster engine speed - Different pulley ratio if it is belt driven. - Personally I would buy a mower that fulfills your speed requirements at the factory setting. Thanks, Brad

06-22-2004, 11:42 PM
How would I get a faster engine speed???

06-22-2004, 11:44 PM
slap--I understand your question but I don't understand how you can expect to cut grass much faster than its designed top speed.

please explain!

GEO :confused:

06-22-2004, 11:44 PM
Originally posted by slapshotmike24
How would I get a faster engine speed??? Nitrous Oxide:cool: :cool: :cool:

06-22-2004, 11:45 PM
put a v-tech on your honda ;)

06-22-2004, 11:46 PM
I was being a bit facetious on the comment about engine speed. You do not want to do that. You can by wiring the govenor open, but you will probably blow the engine up. I was serious however as to buy a mower that has factory speed that matches your needs.

06-22-2004, 11:59 PM
You all have a good point. I definitly don't want to mess with the govener. Although i think that a few engine mods might help it. I know engines pretty well and I think i could squeeze a bit more out of it. I would like to try the ratios of the pulleys. I know I would burn up the gearbox quicker but I just want to get a little more out of it before i buy a new mower.