View Full Version : Exmark Users, I Need Help

06-24-2004, 01:16 PM
i have 14 acres of vacant lot accnt. coming up.
Now grass is about 12 -16 in tall.
Can exmark handle such a tall grass/weeds?

06-24-2004, 01:43 PM
no. you need a bush hog to keep from busting nice equipment on disasters lurking just under the grass. trust me.

GEO :eek:

06-24-2004, 01:48 PM
What size Exmark are you refering to? That's a pretty big area and the grass is quite high. Don't know if I'd even consider abusing my Lazer trying to tackle that much grass. Are you getting enough to mow it? Maybe rent a Bushhog the first time to cut it down to a managable height. Good Luck!

John Gamba
06-24-2004, 03:06 PM
I'll Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Acute Cut
06-24-2004, 03:34 PM
YEs it can. It may need double mowing, but you can do it. I have plenty of times. I have some every other week accounts that grow that much.

On a side note: My 52 lazer could do it but the 60 could not. (mulching)

06-24-2004, 04:11 PM
i do a slope on the river, 30 degrees, 2 foot high grass, once a month.

it wears down the belts quicker so i charge for it. but my 36 inch with the 15 horse kohler kicks butt!!!

06-24-2004, 05:57 PM
We took back a park that the city was just going to let go. I was cutting thick weeds entangled with morning glory that were 3 feet high, to stuff that was 6 feet high (as tall as I am). This was 62 acres that I cut. The newspaper AND local news came out and did a story. The cool part was that the local news filmed me as I was coming around a corner, and I was blasting stuff that was as tall as I was. I recorded the story and still have it on tape. Good stuff! :)

06-24-2004, 06:03 PM
It will do it but you will be putting a beating on the machine.

06-24-2004, 06:12 PM
what machine did u use?

Expert Lawns
06-24-2004, 06:53 PM
What park, Joe? Was it a project that you took part in? I know a lot of radio stations/tv stations and other groups in the area are trying to do some neat things for the Flint area

06-24-2004, 09:23 PM
If it was me I would go with the brush hog. Lucky me I have one. But other wise, thats is going to take a long time and do some damage to your equipment.

06-25-2004, 09:13 AM
It was a Lazer that was used (Gravely was used also for cleanup). The park was Kearsley park over on the cities east side. Back a few years ago, when Mayor Stanley was going to let the parks go and keep just two of them per year up, a person I know was going to coordinate a cleanup effort. After talking to him, I thought I could volunteer my services. They were going to go in there on a Sunday and clean it all up. After driving through and seeing it, I knew there was no way that it was going to be done in a day. This was about a week and a half before the ckleanup effort was to take place. I thought there was no time like the present, and so I dug in that afternoon, and went back there everyday until the cleanup day (including the 4th of July). I DO want to say, that by this time, I had a good friend that came by and brought his Grasshopper out and helped me cut some grass, too. Thank you John (John's Lawn Care).
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