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06-25-2004, 04:16 PM
the other day, my guy ran over the pull cord, and shredded it. at the same time he did this, the throttle on the mower went up as high as it could. i ran over to shut it down before the motor blew. the cord got pulled around the crank barrel, and put a hair line crack in it. so I replace the barrel, and pull cord myself, and give it start, wasn't sure what the throttle was going to do. it runs high immediately, then rips the cord out of my hand and shreds the new one.

so i drop it off at my "dealer", thinking, new cord, new starter pieces, carb adjustment, no big deal. they call me today and tell me its not worth fixing. i should look into a new one. I go down in person to have a look at it. the mechanic in back said, it runs good, just needs some carb work and starter. the guy behind the counter starts picking apart my mower saying its going to need this and that. ( i was waiting for him to say the paint is chipped, we gotta repaint it). so as Of right now for what i told them to fix, its gonna cost me about $400!! i was thiking $120 when i dropped it off.

but what would the cord wrapping around the crank have to do with the carb?? it runs good, but picture flooring your car in park....

add this to my "having a bad week thread...."

06-25-2004, 04:31 PM
Sounds like he's trying to sell you a mower and you can bet hes going to make money on your old one, if you decide to trade it in.

06-25-2004, 04:42 PM
Originally posted by locutus
Sounds like he's trying to sell you a mower and you can bet hes going to make money on your old one, if you decide to trade it in. that's what i was thinking. he changed his tone, slighty when i mentioned i was going to buy another one this year eventually, cuz this is the last year of the deck/engine combo.

if there is a saftey piece missing, are they obligated to replace it even if you don't want them to. the cable that shuts the mower off on the handle kept snapping, so now i just each down and shut it off real quick. I know its not factory, but is it mandatory that he fix it. he said he can't do the work unless he fixes that.:confused: :confused:

06-25-2004, 04:56 PM
Do you have to pay for this "mandatory" repair? If so, this also sounds like a rip-off most commonly associated with brake shops. It goes like this: you take your car in for the El-cheapo brake special advertised in the local paper. Once they have your car, they find all kinds of "safety" related repairs that have to be done. The mechanic says he must do this work whether you like it or not because if he releases your car to you without making his bogus repairs and you have an accident he could be sued.

I'd steer clear of this con artist.