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07-11-2004, 01:31 PM
In the paper today I called on an f150 1997 4wd ext. cab. 116,000 miles on it. They said $8,000 in the paper and they guy on the phone said his rock bottom price was $7,500. He is a broker but says the truck is in mint condition and every maintance has been recorded. Is this a good deal? What problems might I be encountering at 116,000 miles? How many miles can they get without extreame repairs. I have seen some selling with over 200,000 miles one was even at 260,000.

07-11-2004, 09:40 PM
I had a 98 just like it that had to have rear wheel bearings and seals twice before a 100,000 as far as what else to look for who knows other than the usual,brakes,tires,belts,front end parts,shocks,engine/tranny seals&gaskets and take a good look to see if this truck has been in the mud alot that alone maybe a deciding factor

Gilla Gorilla
07-11-2004, 10:03 PM
It depends on what engine it has. If it has the V6 4.2 liter then run very fast from that truck. If it is the 4.6L then it is not too bad, but I would prefere the 5.4 liter which is what I have. I have a friend with a 98 F150 4.6 and he says that it is underpowered especially when he has his 630 pound Harley in the bed of it.

The price does not sound to bad if it is a V8 though just make sure the fluids are not very burnt up ie; tranny fluid, engine oil
really black or very low.