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05-31-2000, 09:31 PM
anyone used it? i can only speak highly of it... no shock yellowing, no root pruning, and about a $1 for 8 week control on 1k i recommend it in spring and fall. two weeks after aplication you see an 87% reduction in clippings- that translates to if you filled 4 buckets every mow now you don't even fill one! try it!

Tony S
06-01-2000, 01:02 AM
I have not been able to find this product in my aera. I have tried Embark by Gordon with limited results.<p>Tony S.

06-02-2000, 12:41 AM
try looking under CHIPCO that's who produces it.

Tony S
06-05-2000, 01:26 PM
Do you know if they have a website?<p>----------<br>Tony S.<br>