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07-13-2004, 01:04 PM
Hey guys, I just had a TrueGreen guy come and do the free lawn analysis.

Here's the results:

*Thatch is acceptable, and we have Mole crickets.

Weeds are as follows:

*Clover, Oxalis, Florida Pusley, Beggarweed and crabgrass.

I went to weedalert.com to get pictures on each plant and some more information. It says to either spray pre-or-post emergent pesticide on the plant, depending on which one.

3/4 of the house is all St. Augustine and the rest is mixed with St. Augustine. I layed down the Scotts Summer Guard 3 days ago, to help control pets and weeds.

My question is, what is/are good pre and post emergent pesticides to kill these? Do I apply to the area with the weed, or to the whole yard?

And, one more question, is it worth $136 a year for the annual fire ant control?

Thanks for any information,


07-14-2004, 07:15 AM
if you want to control pets, i would use a ford F 150 at 45 mph. as for pre or post emerge. atrazine is my drug of choice for pre or postemerge{be careful above 85 degrees}