View Full Version : Love my new bagger however It does not fit the mower I bought it for

Kelly's Landscaping
07-14-2004, 10:54 PM
I use all exmark mowers and this season I picked up another Lazer. But instead of a larger one I went for the smallest deck they made 44 inch. The deck is a mere half an inch futher out then the tires Iv been using the exmark cloth bagger with the mounting plate buts its a pain in the ass. So I thought since I needed a side bagger anyway Id give this a shot well it mounts perfectly to the deck only issue is once you lower the deck to cut your rubbing the tire.

What you would need is like a 2 inch spacer where the bagger connects to the deck and it would be perfect. Any ways the bagger isnt going to waste I am using it on my 48 inch metro but I am very disapointed it wouldn't fit the little lazer.


07-15-2004, 03:00 AM
We do have a special bagger with the modification you are suggesting. The part number is GCEX44 or GCEX44XL. I found out about the extra wide tire on this model about 2 years ago and added this part to our lineup. Not all dealers know about this, but we do have the info on our website. Check at the bottom of this link:
PS - you can use this model on the other exmark mowers- it will just be out a few extra inches from the back tire.