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07-26-2004, 02:05 AM
I'm in need of a stick edger and although I would like to get a stihl it's not in the budget for this year and will have to wait until spring so I thought I'd go with an echo to hold me over.

I've read all the negative post about the PE 200 and usually listen to experience but if i can pick one up for $150/$160 (has been demo'd once and sitting on the shelf at a little country dealer for almost a year) would it be worth it as a temporary solution assuming that i would cut one side of the guard to make it like the new open face echo's, i assume this may help a little with it's lack of power.. Or should I just say no?

If so how about the PE 230?? new and regular price $289.. I've also read somewhere that I shouldn't bother with this model due to lack of power.... One plus over the PE 200 is 1.5 cc more but it says it has their new pro-torque gear case which delivers 20 to 30% more torque, wouldn't this 20 to 30% percent make a huge difference and be enough to get the job done?

I'd have to have them order it so it would be hard to demo it and then not take the unit, that's exactly how the PE 200 ended up sitting on the shelf, dealer says they only sell one edger every one to two years and I'm trying to build a good relationship with them and don't want to stick them hence my dilemma and the long post for such a little machine.

07-26-2004, 03:31 AM
I have the 230 and it works well for me as a maintenance tool.
I also have a big 4hp edger for first time cut in's and the one time clean up. The 230 has to work real hard to cut through a lot of growth. Once the edge is set up it is very easy to keep it looking good with the 230. I can walk at a fast pace and it will work. Going on 3 years old with less that 1 hour a week but still no problems. I am moving into the Stihl 4mix line and I think the new ones run with more torque but the 230 still does the job.

07-26-2004, 12:46 PM
thanks PMLAWN

Anyone have a recommendation for a cheap walk behind edger?

Would a wal mart special work? All I care is that it gets through the rest of the year and as far as I'm concerned it can fall apart after that because it will more then pay for itself in no time and I'll just upgrade in the spring.

What kind of maximum blade depth should I be looking for or are they all sufficient?


07-26-2004, 01:11 PM
found these two homeowner models

Bolens 3.5 hp from lowes $219,,has two inch blade depth

Murray 3.5 hp from Walmart $183 judging by the pics it looks like the Bolens is better built.

Anyone using either of these? Or are there better models out there that I should be looking at that come in well below $300?

07-26-2004, 06:54 PM
Yes, I got the bolens, I said 4 hp but i went down and checked and your right, it is 3,5. Works OK on the heavy stuff but I would not want to use it all the time as it is heavy to move around compared to the 230 and much slower. Also the blade is thin and it goes away in about 2 jobs. You will go broke buying blades for the thing. For weekly maintence I would go with a stick edger.
My dealer sells the 230 for $279.00.

Not sure what kind of street curbs you do but the Bolens has a curb wheel thing that pushes the wheel down and the edger runs level even though the curb slopes away.

07-26-2004, 07:25 PM
Yeah I defiantly want a stick edger for maintenance but I guess I need something to do the dirty work first as most of the residentials I pick up have never been edged along the walk, come to think of it I don't believe I've ever actually witnessed a lco using a edger around here.

So I guess the new plan is to get the bolens or similar and then pick up a stick to maintain, I have been using the trimmer to do the maintenance but I think the edge looks better if it's touched up every now and then with an actual edger rather than always using a trimmer.

thanks again