View Full Version : Rain Bird ESP MC problems

Green Sweep
07-30-2004, 07:45 AM
I installed a Rain Bird ESP-MC32 controller at a commercial job about 3 months ago. The $2000 controller has been working fine until I tried to add a Rain Bird wireless rain sensor. After wiring the receiver in, I turned the power back on & noticed that the receiver did not have power. I checked my wiring & still - no power. Just for kicks & giggles I tried to run through the system - NOTHING! I RASTERed the controller & all zones were "fail". Wow, an internal circuit problem? After contacting my supplier & Rain Bird technical assistance it was determined that the panel was fried - lightning, power surge? I took the controller to my supplier & just for fun we plugged it in & RASTERed it with a solenoid wired into a zone - RASTERed fine - no problems. We added a wireless rain sensor & bingo! - fail again. My supplier stated that he had the same thing happen to another contractor using the same components.
Has anyone had similar problems with this controller? Am I to believe that this expensive Rain Bird controller is not compatible with a Rain Bird Sensor?