View Full Version : tthp 36 or toro hydro?

yard sloth
08-11-2004, 12:23 PM
hi, I'm new here. I am trying to decide between the Exmark tthp 36" hydro or the Toro "classic" style 36" hydro.
I test drove a used toro hydro with t-bar steering and liked it, not having a seperate forward speed control lever to adjust seems like a big plus. Also with the toro I could bolt on the tru-track sulky without any modification.
I have not tried a mower with ECS but have read good things about it. I am tall, so I like both of these sytems better than pistol grips.
I will probably use a mulch kit with the mower, so the deeper deck of the exmark might work better for this.
The only bad thing about these mowers is I haven't found any dealers who actually have them in stock. So I don't get to try or see one before I buy. I did get to try a used toro around a parking lot (not cutting grass) Anybody know of a dealer in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area who has a tthp 36", maybe even a used or demo one?
If anybody has some advise on which mower to choose, I'd sure like to hear it. thanks!