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05-20-2000, 05:46 PM
Saw a CubCadet ZTR Model 360 at a local dealer today. Didn't know they made a comercial version. This is not their residential Z series. They are midmount, 25 HP Kohler, 54 or 62 in decks. Anybody have any experience with these?

05-20-2000, 06:23 PM
I have not seen this cub. but i have a walkbehind with a 54&quot; cut and do not like it. Only use it when i have to other than it sit in the shop for 6 days. I use mostly is john deere front mount ztr, and that is great.<p>----------<br>Tony<br>

05-20-2000, 06:52 PM
its probbally a mtd with a cub color and label on it as with all new cubs ,glorified mtds

05-21-2000, 08:49 PM
Thanks for the input. This commercial version looks like the typical midmount by a number of manufacturers. I'm not saying it is the same, just on the surface. Seems to be very rugged, except the mower deck is stamped 12 ga. That seems to be a little thin for the long run with lots of abuse. Anyway, thanks again.

05-21-2000, 10:50 PM
As a cub owner I have found they are not the typical MTD. They are sooo far above a mtd it isnt funny. That comment is relly like calling a cadillac just a chevy. General Moters make them both but the quality is different. My cub has lasted well and I would buy another one, but not as a front line commercial cutter. They are fine high end consumer machines, and good backups for the commercial cutter.<p>However, the cub commercial is a yellow MTD pro. I looked at them both befor I bought. I wasnt impressed. For a little more, or a little less, you can get commercial mower worth the money. They wanted either 7400.00 or 7700.00 for the cub commercial and the mtd pro. I paid 6950.00 for my Great Dane. I think the weight for the cub was about 1050 lbs. The Great Dane is almost 1200 lbs thats 150 more lbs of steel spread throughout the entire mower. <br>I did alot of research over the last couple of years on ztrs, and looked at so many my wife was sick of it. <br>The present mid mount z mowers are all pretty close to each other, no wonder there have been so many lawsuits. But I dont think the cubs are in the ball park with the exmarks, great danes, skags, dixie choppers, and such. Just my openion, Jim

05-27-2000, 09:52 PM
Thanks Jim. I've also been doing a lot of research the past 6 months. So far, I haven't driven my wife crazy yet. In fact, she goes with me most of the time. Right now, it is a toss up between Skag, Exmark, and maybe Grasshopper. The main reason is dealer location. I live out in the country. These are my nearest dealers. I've been hearing a lot of good things about BobCat or Buntons. The closest dealer is over an hour away. However, I am not ready to lay my money down yet. I have fun just looking.

05-28-2000, 09:40 AM
It IS fun looking, and I understand about the out in the country thing, only 2 commercial dealers in my town. several others in about 30 min drive. but thats an hour there and back no matter what. so I went local also but that wasnt the main reason.<br>

05-28-2000, 11:03 AM
Just end the shopping and get the Exmark, they sell a ton of them for a reason. The only machine I would buy over an Exmark is a Dixie Chopper but if you have no local dealer then definetly go with the Exmark.

05-28-2000, 01:52 PM
i would go with the scag over the exmark.they are heavier and they hold 3 quarts of trans oil instaead of the 1 quart synthetic oil you have to use in the exmark

05-29-2000, 07:58 PM
I've recently test driven the following ZTR's (and plan on testing a lot more):<p>1. Cub Cadet Commercial 360 Series (Model 3660, 25 hp Kohler, 60&quot;, $7899 list) Extremely heavy duty. Very smooth hydraulics. A tank. Should last 30 years easily. Very good engine access. You have to test drive this one.<p>2. Cub Cadet Commercial 360 Series (Model 365, 20 hp Kohler, 54&quot;, $5599 list) Good, but less money and less robust than the one above.<p>3. Exmark Lazer Z (Model LZHP48, 18 hp Kohler, 48&quot;) Very nice.<p>4. Encore Z Series (16 hp B&S Vanguard, 42&quot;) Significantly slower than the Exmark Lazer Z. Doesn't feel robust.<p>5. Snapper Pro Cruiser (Model MZM2200KH, 22 hp Kohler, Single Lever Joystick, Chevron tires, 52&quot;)<p>The only one I mowed with was the Snapper. After mowing with it for about 2 hours, here's my impression of the Snapper:<p>1. 22 hp Kohler started and ran great. It had plenty of power even in high thick grass, although I did slow down to get a better cut.<p>2. The Joystick control took a while to get used to (compared to the two lever approach), then became second nature.<p>3. The Chevron tires are the wrong choice for a mower. If you do a zero turning radius turn, your inner tire tears up grass. The only way to avoid tearing up grass is to maintain a decent forward motion so the inner tire is rolling forward as it turns. Of course, that defeats the purpose of a ZTR when you want to do a 180.<p>4. I'd prefer a full width rear discharge or a mulcher deck, as it blows out the side and the wind kept blowing the grass back into my face, even at full speed. Of course, this comment would apply to all brands of mowers.<p>5. Full speed was as fast as you'd want to mow and still get a good cut.<p>6. At full speed, the ride was rough. The next mower I'm going to test is the Ferris IS, for this very reason.<p>7. It has a center pivot front axle which is good on uneven ground.<p>8. Even though it was a side discharge deck, it had Snapper Ninja mulching blades. They cut nicely at normal yard height, but when mowing grass further out from the home, at a higher height, the cut was not so good. Many weeds were not cut. Before the blades were changed to the Snapper Ninja blades, it had the same problem when cutting at higher than yard-height.<p>9. It slides downhill when traveling sideways on a hill.<p>10. It scalps when cresting a hill. I suspect the hydraulic lift front mower (as opposed to the mid mount mower) would be better for mowing drainage ditches and other hills.<p>11. There's no easy way to get to the blades.<p>12. The arm rests are adjustable by moving 4 bolts. Not convenient if different size people use the same mower.<p>13. The comfortable seat did not appear to be adjustable.<p>I'd appreciate others' comments. Please include as many specific details as possible. Thanks.

05-31-2000, 05:30 PM
Today I test drove the following ZTR mid-mounts:<p>1. Snapper Pro Cruiser, 25 hp, 52&quot;, twin control lever version (not the joystick).<p>2. Skag Turf Tiger, Kawasaki 22 hp liquid cooled, 52&quot;<p>3. Bob-Cat ZT-223, Kawasaki 22 hp, 52.5&quot;<p>The clear winner is the Skag. The dual tapered timken roller bearings on the blade impressed me. So did the fact that the blade is held on by a bolt which goes all the way through blade shaft. Very heavy duty. Very heavy...lots of steel. Smooth driving.<p>The Snapper was OK, but it's not a Skag. Having driven both the Snapper joystick and the Snapper dual lever, I definitely prefer the dual lever.<p>The Bob-Cat was also a very good unit. Very heavy duty.<p>But if I had to choose between the three of these, it would be the Skag.<p>My next test is a Ferris Independent Suspension ZRT.

05-31-2000, 11:55 PM
I still run JD 455s and 332s and I still don't see a lot of discussion as to comparisons with JD equip. In SE. Iowa that is all there is and I like their reliability and ergonomics. please respond thanks.

06-01-2000, 10:29 PM
Well I use a 54&quot; john deere ztrack rider, and love it. A kohler 20-hp. the deck flips 90 degrees for easy access to the blades. also saves space on trailer. Front-mounted mower deck get under bushes. I can change cutting height from seat. 7 gal gas tank. And there is just one bolt to take off for each blade. do not need a wrench to hold nut on top of the deck.<p>I also had a scag zturn. The first one that came out. It was the worse cutting more i used Very unhappy clients. And i was told that there were six other zturns out that had the same problem. Make a long story short i had to take the dealer and scag to court. A month before for the court date they gave me my money back. So thats how i got the jd.