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08-24-2004, 05:43 PM
I was just thinking about this or next fall and if a collection system would work well for picking up a inch or two of leaves or even more I would be willing to switch blades or something if it comes about I am running a 20 horse toro 52 inch . any suggestions on bagger or separate collector ? Thanks in advance

Five Star Lawn Care LLC
08-24-2004, 05:51 PM
we use trac-vac collection sysytems on all of our mower...they operate off of an aux motor and we love them...

have seen alot of guys around here with toros who are running the spindle and PTO driven models that i belive are made by toro.

its all personel preferance to what type of canister, do you like a aux motor of would you rather have a pto or spindle driven unit

08-24-2004, 06:11 PM
We are considering using our backpack to blow leaves into rows and picking them up with the stander and a leaf gobbler. Anyone tried this?


08-24-2004, 06:20 PM
5 star , I went to the trac vac site and found the 462 z that is kinda what I was thinking about , do you run one of these on one of your z's . also do you know a place that carries them? the site only showed 1. thanks for the advice

08-24-2004, 06:24 PM
toro makes a spindle driven bagger similer to exmark's ultra vac .Stay away from the toro dfs it sucks .To balkey and heavy and doesnt do to good a job either

C&S Services
08-24-2004, 06:57 PM
I looked into the trac-vac for my 52" toro $1600.00 min with no shipping ect.. How much did you pay 5 Star if you do not mind?

Five Star Lawn Care LLC
08-24-2004, 07:03 PM
Originally posted by MImowerkid
5 star , I went to the trac vac site and found the 462 z that is kinda what I was thinking about , do you run one of these on one of your z's . also do you know a place that carries them? the site only showed 1. thanks for the advice

we have 2 trac vac 462-z's...love them i would definatly sugest the 5.5 honda optional engine......Commercial Lawn mower in livonia should have them iin stock.....i think i paid 1900 for the honda engine model ill have to check that though

C&S Services
08-24-2004, 07:13 PM
5 Star, Like the pics on you homepage. How does that silver dodge do with the enclosed trailer w/ the (if i'm wrong forgive me) lift in the truck? I have a 1/2 ton and just put real aggressive tires on for this winter, plan on snow blowing if things go well. I've noticed it handles a little differant towing my trailer than it did before.

08-26-2004, 01:19 AM
Originally posted by PrecisionLawnsInc
We are considering using our backpack to blow leaves into rows and picking them up with the stander and a leaf gobbler. Anyone tried this?Ty
Holy MACKERAL do you need a different plan! Experience, experience, experience. PM me, and I'll give you some suggestions on how to use the equipment that YOU have to a much more efficient process.

08-26-2004, 10:24 AM
That is all great I think I might give it a try!

08-26-2004, 10:28 AM
we use the Peco system, works great!!!! I can suck up 4 inches of leaves, if you go slow. :)

08-26-2004, 11:22 AM
How many bushels can fit into a 44 gallon can, I'm trying to compare systems. Also for those of you that run collection systems off of yours spindles, how much power does that take away. Thank you


08-26-2004, 11:28 AM
Also how does a cubic foot compare to a bushel.

08-26-2004, 03:27 PM
soccerlawn, I have a john deere that has the spindle driven aux motor. It doesnt take away from the horse power too bad if you keep the leaves on a regular schedule. If they get 4-6 inches deep it begins to work the engine some what harder and I have to slow down alot. I have a 48'' deck with a 17 hp kawasaki water cooled engine

08-26-2004, 04:17 PM
I have a spindle driven bagger. it works well, nice that you don't have to have a seperate engine to start and maintain. This comes in handy when you have to get off and empty the bagger you don't have to shut off and start up that engine everytime. I had one with a 5 hp Briggs that wouldn't start right up if you didn't let it idle a moment before shutting it off, but you had to shut it off so you wouldn't get stuff all over you and in your face when you emptied. Of course, if your catcher dumps from the seat thats a non-issue. Another thing to think about- doesn't matter to me for grass but on leaves you may want to run doubles to reduce the leaves a bit, but you definately should NOT run doubles and a spindle driven catcher at the same time. IF you even had enough power which is not likely, it would be way too hard on the PTO clutch to turn all that stuff on and keep it spinning. So, it all depends on your needs and how you'll be operating it (device that needs emptied by hand or from seat, spindle driven or engine driven, doubles or not, etc etc). With a container type like the Trac-Vac that has been mentioned, it is nice for catching grass so you can dump into the truck but for leaves a hopper type can be nice becuase you'll be emptying alot and it saves time and generally you do not need to empty straight into the truck usually dump in a pile to suck up. So what are your needs? Then figure out what you want from there.

08-27-2004, 12:54 AM
Thanks FrankenScag

08-27-2004, 01:04 AM
PRECISION - I second what RUNNER said. You'll be filling up that Gobbler every 10 feet. Also, if leaves are wet, that thing is HEAVY when loaded. Save your back & your time and look for another method now!


Lawn-N-Garden Guy
08-27-2004, 06:24 AM
We use the ExMark Ultra-Vac and works fine for use

08-27-2004, 09:23 AM
I was lookig at a ultra vac for my Lazer hp, but I also like the looks of the trac vac model 655 as it holds twice as much as the ultra vac

10-11-2004, 07:00 PM
5 star, does the trac-vacs impeller mulch up what it sucks up or does it simply act as a vacume for what the blades mulch up? What mower are you running it on and did you need the counterweight kit? Sorry about all the questions

Tobe Lawn Care
10-12-2004, 07:44 AM
1 bushel = 1.25 cubic feet
1 bushel = 8 gallons

Listen to Frankenskag, as far as the spindle driven units. No doubles. I think you would create to much blow out on the front of the deck w/doubles anyway. Bobcat makes an awesome blade for fall cleanup looks like a mulching blade w/gator teeth. We just instaled a Hasty vac, dump model, last night. We are using a Giant vac spindle blower w/it. I'll post later tonight on how it works. It should hold 12 bushels. I will try to find a part # for those blades too.

10-13-2004, 01:32 AM
Just in case anyone else was wondering the Exmark Ultravac does mount to the Toro turboforce deck (at least the 588) with very minor modifications. (A pipe needs to be welded next to the rear anti-scalp wheel bracket and a little grinding on the discharge chute brackets)
My other mowers are Exmarks and I have been very happy with the ultravac baggers, though I have never needed the caster wheel weights.

10-17-2004, 07:35 PM
I have a Trac Vac tow behind with 5hp Briggs on my 60" Lazer .I forget what model it is but I know the capacity is 31 cubic feet.Does an super job on leaves in fall with Gators on the Z. :)