View Full Version : Galaxy beefy baby tires

08-25-2004, 11:42 PM
I rolled a tire off and bent the wheel, on my Case 95XT. We reshaped the wheel and put the tire back on. As I was fixing the wheel, I told myself to get a spare tire. I have the beefy baby' s on and like them so I bought a new wheel and drove 50 miles to the only dealer for them. I called them first and they went to their ware house and brought 4 tires to the shop. They put the tire on my wheel and loaded the tire in my car. The next morning we took the tire out and found a 4" split in the side wall. I drove back to the shop and we found the other three beefy baby tires were the same way. They loaded the 4 tires up and headed for the ware house. About 2 hr. later they came back with 4 more tires. Of those 4 only one was good. So anyone buying the Beefy baby tires, be very careful and check them over. When I need the other three to replace my old tires, I ask the manager to make sure they were good before I made the 50 mile trip. He said he would make sure.
I'm still looking for a service manual for the 95XT.

08-26-2004, 12:26 PM
Probably sat in the sun too long and cracked when you put weight on them. It's a good point. You never know what you're getting with tires -- now you know why the Firestone scandal was such a big deal.