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06-01-2000, 01:05 AM
How much do you charge for a flat of flowers? I can buy them at $11.00 per flat. 18 come in a flat<p>How much for planting 1,5,10, gallon plants?<br>

Nilsson Associates
06-01-2000, 06:53 AM
Pogo,<br>If you're doing small jobs may have to charge minimums because travel and acquire may take longer than install time. Depends how many you're doing ... but some numbers on time it takes to plant once on location.<p>1 person plants 25 flats flowers 8 hours<p>1 person plants groundcover 100 cuttings in 45 min.<p>Potted plants like geraniums - 1 person plants 1 plant in 45 seconds.<p>above is site time only, purchase, travel, cleanup extra time<p>Nilsson Associates<br>Green Industry Consultants<br>email Nilsson.Assoc@Snet.Net