View Full Version : Stihl FC 55

08-31-2004, 08:15 PM
It was given to me: Maybe 2 years old...way too little use... the original blade is maybe 1/2" worn.

Got a case of the turpentine in the gas tank:

(No problem...CapnDean is a 2-stroke carb cleaning, jet blowing, float unstickin joe)

Anyhow: once running I used it a bit and although she works like a top at high rpm.... It's as if the blade takes a lot of juice to make it rotate from a cold start.

I looked at it and the method for greasing the shaft of this stick edger doesn't just jump right out at me: Anybody got a tip?

Otherwise it's going to the dealer for an inspection.

Heck....it might be normal....I would just think that it would free wheel a lil better under no load. Given it's history I am dang sure it's in the LACK of ordinary maintenary category.