View Full Version : Used Equipment Needed in Colo Area

10-07-2004, 01:35 PM
Hey everyone, I will be starting up in the spring and I am going to need to get equipment, I am looking for everything used, but not too used, I need it to still run. Here is what I need

-Enclosed / Open Trailer (Large enough for a 36' mower, 22' mower, trimmer, blower and bags) Farely small I imagine

-Commercial 36' mower w/ low hours ish, (or good records and condition)

-Commercial 22' mower

-Commercial Trimmer

-Commercial Blower

Other misc things needed to start up (you tell me if I am missing anything)

If you can provide any of these things near the colorado area (I will drive out of state if needed and the price is right.)

I have no idea of what prices should be, so please email me and tell me what you have and what price you need firm or flexible.

Thanx alot everyone, Please email me at Wair_5@hotmail.com