View Full Version : Sites, places, and where to/s?

Acute Cut
10-09-2004, 01:40 AM
Looking to buy an Unused (2003-2005) Isuzu Npr diesel with a landscaper body. Aprrox 16 to 18 ft bed. (that is usable space, not including the dovetail) I have been TRYING to search all over online but i am just not that literate i guess. I keep finding used junk with 150K plus miles. I searched gatrucks.com and am looking for others. Any ideas? I can see getting one west of the Mississipi, but GA is a bit far. (GA is east of Mississippi right :) )

Yall got any links of where i can look? I am trying to research for buying one in feb. or march. Thanks guys. (and gals as it pertains)