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AB Lawn Care
05-25-2000, 01:49 PM
I have been marketing with flyers and business cards now for a while and had a fair deal of responses but,Most where people looking for a cheap price.It also takes alot of time handing out flyers too.This got me thinking about useing an other form of marketing.Telephone marketing has sevral advantages.No cost of flyers,you can do it out of your own home and more.My question is has anyone tryed this form of marketing and how do you do it?How do you introduce yourself or what do you say????Any ideas?<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care

Nilsson Associates
05-25-2000, 03:46 PM
Yes, I do telemarketing and use it often because it works.

AB Lawn Care
05-25-2000, 04:11 PM
Nilsson Associates-Thanks for the reply!Could you give me a little more info.Like what to say?What key points to tell the person and so on.Any help would be great!<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care

Nilsson Associates
05-25-2000, 05:20 PM
Yes, I'd be happy to but ... I have to check with my people first .. I hired an assistant to help answer posts, I didn't personally make that post so it may be awhile, but I will get back to you in few days, hopefully sooner.<p>Phil Nilsson

05-25-2000, 06:26 PM
Adam,<br>Try and get a hold of a reverse directory (Polk or Cole). It allows you to target streets and neighborhoods, vs. not knowing who you are calling or where they live. Then you can build on an existing route or target an area where people are not cheap.<p>The local library has them for major cities.

05-25-2000, 06:59 PM
Phil, don't you think success is going to your head just a wee bit? Have you got an enterage now? &quot;Have to check with my people...&quot; haha that funny. OH ya and i hate telemarketers ...<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Charles

Nilsson Associates
05-25-2000, 07:14 PM
Hi Charles,<br>Telemarketing is the absolute best way to get business in spite of what most customers think about getting calls. TruGreen uses it and has some of the lowest per customer sign up costs around from what I hear. <p>A-1

05-25-2000, 07:23 PM
It use to be the best way. The largest % of owners of caller ids is here in the south. When i see tru green on my id or unknown name even though i have blocked callers who have blocked their name and they have found a way around it. I never answer it. I an anyone I have ever talked to hate the intrusion of those unsolicitated calls. I pay for my phone and as far as I know tru green doesnt. I was getting maybe 15 to 20 marketers a day before i wrote to the merchants association. Now i still get 5 or 6 a day<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Charles

Nilsson Associates
05-25-2000, 07:54 PM
TruGreen is on TV too. But must say that all forms of advertising are intrusions to some degree. In Las Vegas, even while standing at the urinal, faced forward of course, you're looking at ad! In the ladies room it's on the back of the privacy door.<p>A-1

05-25-2000, 08:09 PM
Why don't you just get a yellow page ad and budget for it, the ad WILL WORK! Picked up $14,000.00 in business so far since last June, more if they continue with my service. I will have around $3600.00 invested when the contract expires. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I hate paying for it but it has paid for itself in increased business. I reduced it this year to a $13.70 per month one liner, we'll see how the next year goes.<p>Homer

05-26-2000, 10:00 AM
Stick with the yellow pages,its the best.<br>My reply to telemarketers is &quot;f@ck off&quot;,and<br>then hang up.They always seem to ring through<br>winter,when I don't wanna spend any money.<p>Karl<br>

05-26-2000, 11:16 PM
I bought a list this year of retired people in my area that owned homes. I just called and asked if they wanted a free estimate. I got 40 new residential accounts this way. I stopped calling after a week and a half because I couldn't handle the extra business.

05-27-2000, 01:24 AM
Any form of advertising that gets you positive results for reasonable time and money shouldnt be criticized. Its a matter of preference. Could or should be considered? The glass is half full, or half empty, or if George Carlin is around...the glass is to big?<p>The information here is like a can of mixed nuts...all I want are the cashews.

AGG Lawn Maintenance
05-27-2000, 09:56 AM
Adam try hooking up with some Real Estate co's. Also try putting out flyers with black ink on white paper its the cheapest. In the off season go door to door pricing out jobs in a targeted area or areas. Write the estimate on the bottom of the flyer in pen.<br>Also keep a log of the street town and address. When a person calls all you need to add is there name and phone number. It works well just ask Eric!!! It helps keep you one step ahead of your comp and makes your flyers syand out. This year we added a<br>description of services and time frames for o

AGG Lawn Maintenance
05-27-2000, 10:03 AM
our services. It shows customers what they get for there money no hidden costs. People like to know what they are paying for and I like to know I am going to get my money. If you need a copy of this form for an idea let me know. Good Luck.<br>Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance :)

05-27-2000, 05:23 PM
Telemarketing is an economical way to introduce customers to your business. However, under federal law, (unless you are a non-profit organization) you will need a “Do Not Call Policy”. I would suggest that if you pursue telemarketing that you have an attorney draft the aforementioned policy.<p>Should a customer asked to be placed on your do not call list and ask for a copy of your do not call policy, again, you are required by federal law to mail the prospective client a copy.<p>Then you need to make certain that you not call that number again. If you do, you are sure to lose in court and be subject to a $500.00 award to the claimant.<p>I hope this helps in your decision.<br><p>----------<br>--Disneyland on the Potomac - ICQ31223414<br>www.go-emerald.com

05-27-2000, 05:58 PM
AGG Lawn Maintenance: I would like a copy of the flyer you were talking about but your e-mail address is blocked out as private. Could you e-mail it to me?? guido1@surf1.de<p>Thanks in advance!<p>----------<br>&quot;guido&quot;<br>David M. Famiglietti

Nilsson Associates
05-27-2000, 06:39 PM
AB Lawn,<br>Try calling the small commercial accts, open Yellow Pages to a category, like motels, restaurants, etc etc. <br>Call, ask for manager .. and or person in charge of grounds maint ... introduce self first, sell the appointment, only goal sell appt .. hire a female to do the calling works better .. have her work the phone on tues thru thursdays .. 9am till 11 am or 2pm till 4pm ... just two hour stints, thats enough one day a week, whatever you can afford. Do it now, lawn care outfits will fail at giving good service during May-June and you're next to try.<p>Phil Nilsson<p><br>

05-28-2000, 02:39 AM
Phil, <p>Why do they fail at giving good service during those months?<p>Homer

05-28-2000, 03:22 AM
I've been opening the yellow pages and cold calling commercials. Not much success. But I'll continue. I really need to get my business listed in the yellow pages.

05-28-2000, 05:35 AM
Homer - I think he's talking about how in the spring time ( at least this is how it usuallt goes in the North East) People take on a more jobs then they can chew, than the weather (rain and occasionally snow in May) sets back all their jobs and people start getting mad. I blame a lot of that on the customer though, I had many that thought they were my only customer and if I wasn't there on the minute, I was neglecting their needs or something. Some people I've dealt with were very impacient and would prob jump at the chance to get a better deal while in their waiting period for myself.<p><p>----------<br>&quot;guido&quot;<br>David M. Famiglietti

Nilsson Associates
05-28-2000, 06:40 AM
Homer,<br>Employees quit, equipment breakdowns, burnout, extra rain like Guido said, taking on too much work,grass a foot tall, small commercials lose confidence in their provider.<p>I did a lot of commercial and when told &quot;No we already have somebody doing maint&quot;, I'd check back in May & June .. kept in touch .. told them we'd be second runner up, if &quot;their contractor&quot; didn't work out.<p>Phil Nilsson<br>email Nilsson.Assoc@Snet.Net