View Full Version : Kawasaki has (2) 15 hp engine styles-please comment

10-10-2004, 05:02 PM
The FH 451v has 494 cc and the FH 430v has 431cc. Here is the link.
They are both 15 hp. The 494 is the one that looks just line the 17 hp engine. A new 48" Lesco that I am looking at has the FH451v, which makes me a little leary. Any thoughts on the difference in cc's. Thanks.

10-10-2004, 05:18 PM
Another question I have is, how can 2 Kawasaki 15 hp engines have different cc's?

Travis Followell
10-10-2004, 05:54 PM
The higher cc engine probibly has a bigger carburetor taht feeds the engine more fuel/air mixture to give it the extra power. The lower cc engine is probibly just a cheaper version of the 15 hp engine.

Fareway Lawncare
10-10-2004, 07:04 PM
Funny...The Lower cc 15hp Looks like the new KAW series w/the improved air filter that replaced the 451v w/the vertical air cleaner....

Envy Lawn Service
10-10-2004, 08:57 PM
The FH430V is the new KAI series w/improved air filtration.
I wouldn't give this another thought.

Just so you know, 21-25hp are ALL 675cc engines. CC's are not an issue.

Fareway Lawncare
10-10-2004, 09:24 PM
Have noticed the "improved" KAI series air filters collect dirt much faster than the verticals ever did. Not sure if they're actually an improvement or just a means to avoid the complaints Kaw got from difficulty applying the foam to the verticals....