View Full Version : Blades - Sharpening, Balancing, etc...

Sean Adams
10-13-2004, 10:09 AM
I answer a lot of questions via email everyday - sometimes as many as 200. Usually I can direct people without problem at LawnSite.com to find great discussions from the past and present, and/or I answer the question myself.

For some reason, recently (last 3 days) I have been bombarded with questions about the proper way to care for, sharpen, balance, etc... mower blades.

I am posting this because being that it is fall season and many are wondering this anyway.......a great place right here on LawnSite to read about this is in the Magna-Matic forum at the lower portion of the home page. The owner of the company, Gerd Bauer II, has given some fantastic information without trying to jam his products down anyone's throat.

Be sure to check out the Magna-Matic forum!