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10-16-2004, 12:04 AM
Looking at possibly buying one of these machines for next year. Trying to figure out which one.

-H Bar Steering
-8mph top speed
-.25" height adjustments
-54" deck
-25hp Kawasaki
-20" Drive Tires
-4.75" of deck overhang for trimming

Turf Tracer
-ECS Steering
-6.75mph top speed
-.5" height adjustments
-60" deck
-22hp Kohler or 23hp Kawasaki
-18" Drive tires
- 10" of deck overhang for trimming

Any thoughts on which mower? My preference would be to buy used but if I can't find anything I might have to buy new.

10-16-2004, 11:32 AM
When set up right they are both great units, and have a great cut. I am very pleased with my SWB; the H-bar is the most comfortable controls I have ever used on a walk-behind. I wouldn’t want any less hp on a 54’’ deck for what I have been cutting. If I could have got a 27 or 30 hp I would have. All things being equal I would buy the H-Bar every time. good luck finding a SWB used though.

10-16-2004, 11:57 AM
Hustler doesn't offer a 60in walkbehind and if you run all 60's you really can't change all your stripes for a 54in. It's a shame Hustler won't make a 60, because I think it's a great walkbehind. I know I'm not alone on this,a lot of LCO's in my area run 60 WB's.

10-16-2004, 11:59 AM
Looking at possibly buying one of these machines for next year. Trying to figure out which one.

-25hp Kawasaki

-22hp Kohler or 23hp Kawasaki

I understand that more power is better but doesn't that seem like alot of engine for a 54" deck?

it seems to me there should be a balance between the need for power and agility/manuverability.

for example, on most every property I have, I need to raise the deck to get through/over something.

with a big motor like a 23 or 25, that is gonna be tough.

have you considered the 19 KAW? I hear it is a really kickass motor on the 48/54" decks.


Mark McC
10-16-2004, 12:46 PM
Geo, I'm kinda with you on the horsepower question. Scag is one company that features a 19 horse engine on its entry-level ZTR (the Tiger Cub), and it's not alone.

Henry Ford did have one idea right with his company. Any part of the car that outlasted everything else by a good stretch was an over-investment. It doesn't make sense to pay for an engine that'll last three times longer than the hydro drives and twice as long as the deck. Add the fact that the higher torque values might just overload the drives...makes you wonder if it's such a great idea.

My little eXmark metro is only 36", but I have to tell you guys that the Kawasaki 12.5 is more than enough engine. What good does 27 ponies do you on a walk-behind?

10-16-2004, 12:53 PM
I just bought a 60" TT with the 23 hp Kohler engine on it. I already have a 48" TT a 72" and 60" riders. I am nothing but amazed at how much time the 60" TT with a velke saves over the 60" rider. This is on lawns that we have been mowing anywhere from four years to a full season. I have read where 12 inches on a deck (In this case it was between the 60" and 72" riders.) doesn't make much more than one or two passes less on mostly just larger lawns, but after having worked with both sizes I totally disagree on that. The 72 is far more productive. So much so that if at all possible I will be trading the 60 in for a 72 this year. I rambled on about that simply to emphasize the value of the larger deck. I would go with the biggest engine you can regardless which unit you choose. The extra overhang is very valuable as well - something I also learned using the 60 and 72" riders. This is all I know. I have no experience with the Hustler. It may be better than the TT for all I know, but you will have to be a lot bigger than me before you are going to pry the 60" TT out of my hands. I hope this helps.

Travis Followell
10-16-2004, 01:11 PM
From my experience the more power you have the better. If I were you i would get the hustler and not think twice because of the bigger engine and also the steering. From what i've heard the H bar steering is the easiest and most comfortable to operate.

10-17-2004, 01:33 AM
Geo I will answer these questions as to what I have found out when operating my Hustler. (It may not be the same for other brands)

“I understand that more power is better but doesn't that seem like a lot of engine for a 54" deck?”

I use doubles a lot of the time, and I have bogged it down a few times in the heavy spring growth, also when mulching leaves in the fall. And when you add hills to the equation it makes more sence.
I also do a lot of experimenting with BTS and blade design with this unit and I would rather have too much power than not enough. In my experience the smaller engine will consume more fuel when over loaded than the lager one that is not over loaded. Not to mention will out last an underpowered engine.

“it seems to me there should be a balance between the need for power and agility/manuverability.”

The only problems I have experienced with maneuverability are the length and width of my machine. The extra horsepower and minimal weight difference has not hurt the maneuverability in any way.

“for example, on most every property I have, I need to raise the deck to get through/over something.
with a big motor like a 23 or 25, that is gonna be tough."

It’s very easy to raise the deck on the SWB with the 25 Hp engine. Because of the H-bar and with the extra power the 25 has to offer. (The H-bar is the key.) I bet I could raise the deck and ride a wheelie with an extra 100#’s on the deck. All you have to do is move rotate your wrist forward and press down on the handlebars, you can even make turns with the front wheels off the ground.


John Gamba
10-17-2004, 09:03 AM
The 60" TT With the 23 HP is underpowered in my area. On the 52 its Nice. Try and take out the controls on the SWB it acts like a rider, you can go from 0 to top speed and the OPC'S dont hurt your Hans. The extra HP comes in handy too. Running doubles or just going faster in tall thicker grass.


10-17-2004, 10:13 AM
Geo I will answer these questions....

and you did sir. point for you and thanks!

I have been getting interested in the hustler brand based on this and other reports.

obviously, I need to see them in action. thanks again.

GEO :)

10-17-2004, 12:02 PM
Your welcome Geo!
I forgot to mention 1 very important reason why I would pick the biggest engine. With my 25 hp I could add a Flex Deck, which would put me at 72”, which would be a very versatile machine for when I mow wide-open areas not to mention the benefit of one heck of a trim side.
I would like to get a 32’’-36’’ machine before long and with the Flex Deck that would put me to 54’’. I believe the 12.5 Horse would be in a world of hurt then, but the 25 wouldn’t even notice the difference. I would like to see a 36’’ deck with a 17 Hp honestly.
Now I realize a lot of people wouldn’t have a need for something like this but it sure is nice to have the option to do so in the future for me. I could go from a 36’’ for the small-gated areas then add the Flex Deck for the lager areas eliminating the need to switch machines. But like said this would very well for me and I realize not everyone has the same needs.

Jeff :waving:

10-17-2004, 07:21 PM
As far as the height adjustment, when i got my tthp i wasnt too crazy about the .5 but i have found that it is fine and it actually makes me become less of a perfectionist. I dont try to match each yard perfectly for height. 3.5 on all yards and it works great

10-18-2004, 01:01 AM
hustler has more power, faster ground speed and larger tires.

the extra power lets you utilize the faster speed.
The larger tires let give a smoother cut and less chance of rutting.
If you plan on using a sulky, you will want the extra speed.
the smaller trim sides will leave less chance for scalping and are not a problem in getting next to things (that's why we have trimmers) ( I have the 48" swb with even less trim width)_

the biggest advantage of the hustler is the h-bar steering. It becomes an extensions of yourself. you think-turn and the machine turns. It is that easy to learn and use.
and it will go anywhere you point it