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10-18-2004, 01:05 AM
Does anybody have any advice on hiring dependable, trustworthy help and if so, what to pay. Im in a rapidly growing area and have already increased my workload for next year by 25%. My average property is 35.00 for residential and I have half a dozen commercial averaging 100.00 per cut. I mowed about 50 properties a week this year by myself and its getting tough.

10-18-2004, 02:06 AM
if you are planning on making a go of this lawn thing, with employees and all, you might as well accept the fact now that the turnover rate in this industry is ridiculously high. i look for someone who worked at least all of last season, has a car of their own, along with a license. has a belt and knows how to use it. i have them try out a mower or two, a trimmer. the real deal can pretty much start and operate all your standard equipment. all the while i'm talking to him, seeing if i like him. i would pay $10/hr for a good crewmember (remember, that actually costs you more than $10 per hour after the match). forget about training a noob. with your load, you don't have time for greenies. let your competition train them, pick them up a year or two later after they've quit.

10-18-2004, 05:13 AM
Find out what the competition is paying and offer a slightly higher wage. I think $10/hr is a good starting wage.

10-20-2004, 12:02 AM
The latest issue of Lawn &Landscape posts the going rate for different types of labor and workers in their state of the industry article. Also broken down by geographic region.

lawn guy
10-20-2004, 09:50 PM
How do I get the magazine?

10-20-2004, 09:52 PM
I think you can get an online subscription for that one.