View Full Version : Corn Meal --- Ok during Seeding? NPK?

10-25-2004, 04:55 PM

I have a question about corn meal. There seems to be alot of discussion about Corn Gluten Meal, but what about just plain Corn Meal? I'm thinking about applying some to me lawn to stop some brown patch from spreading. I overseeded last month and I know fescue seed can germinate throughout the Fall in the South. (Warmer temps longer) Does Corn Meal act as a pre-em the way corn gluten meal does?

What is the NPK of corn meal. PrimalSeeds.org says: 1.65 - .65 - .4 Does this seem right?

Another questions is what about ants? I read somewhere using this stuff is like ringing the dinner bell for ants.....especially fire ants.


11-05-2004, 11:14 PM
A trusted friend on another gardening website tells me that when she tested corn meal against damping off disease, she got significant reduction in germination. That's all I know about corn meal on new seeds, but again, I do trust this lady's testing.

I go by what Primal Seeds says on NPK. There is quite a bit of variation between different fields of corn.

I've been using corn meal and other organics since 2001 and have not had any ant problems that I am aware of. I've seen them come and go in my compost pile, but I don't consider that a problem.